Clark, Pampanga is the secondary gateway to Metro Manila and is envisioned to become Asia’s next premiere gateway. Frequent travelers often just pass by Clark to head on to their holiday destinations and overlook that Clark is a destination in itself and not just a gateway. There are so much exciting and interesting things to do in Clark and the nearby cities besides the amazing Kapampangan cuisine.

Photo by Ivan Lantin

Fly to Clark via Cebu Pacific from various destinations across the country.

Photo of Clark Airport by Waltz Siy

We’re here to share with you our itinerary arranged by our friends from Aisela Travel Leisure Corporation. We would like to thank them for customizing this hassle-free trip for us and for providing the most luxurious ride we could only dream of.Photo of Aisela Van by Ivan Lantin

4:30 AM Depart Manila
6:30 AM San Pedro Apostol Church You’ll find the holy relic of St. Peter here.
7:30 AM Visit the Arnedo house where Rizal stayed
7:40 AM St. Peter’s Shrine Light a candle and offer a prayer to Apung Iru.

Photo San Pedro Apostol Church by Lucky  AlabadoPhoto of the Salakot Arch by Lucky  Alabado

9:00 AM Check out the SEA Games Symbol and Countdown at the Bayanihan Park See the countdown to the much awaited 30th SEA Games that we will be hosting for the very first time.
9:30 AM The Salakot Arch Take some snaps, rest for a bit here and breathe in some fresh air.
11:00 AM Drive around the rows of American Barn houses
12:00 NN Lunch at Angeles Fried Chicken This is the place to go if you’re craving for fried chicken while in Pampanga!
3:00 PM Holy Rosary Parish Church
3:30 PM Stroll around Plaza Angel
4:00 PM Take a Historical Tour at Museo Ning Angeles and Pamintuan Mansion At the Pamintuan Mansion, ask your guide to take you to the 360-degree view of Angeles from the rooftop.
5:00 PM Mountain Clark Firing Range Get to experience shooting with a pistol and a rifle with guidance of their professionals of course.
7:00 PM Dinner at Chef Sau’s Café Fleur and 25 seeds Experience farm-to-table at its finest and get to try Kapampangan dishes with an international twist.
8:00 PM Check-in at Lewis Grand Hotel Very convenient location with just a 10-minute drive from Clark International Airport.

Photo of Angeles Fried Chicken by Lucky  Alabado Photo of Angeles Fried Chicken by Ivan LantinPhoto of American Barn House by Lucky  AlabadoPhoto of Mountain Clark Firing Range by Lucky  Alabado Photo of Mountain Clark Firing Range by Lucky  Alabado

7:00 AM Breakfast at Lewis Grand Hotel
9:30 AM Santa Monica Parish

Photo of Lewis Grand Hotel by Waltz SiyPhoto of Lewis Grand Hotel Breakfast by Waltz Siy
Photo of Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando by Waltz Siy

San Fernando
11:00 AM Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando
11:30 AM Buy snacks at L.A. Bakeshop Try their famous Cheesebread! These babies get sold out very fast so try to order in advance.
11:40 AM Heritage Houses along A.Consunji Street You can also opt to take a kalesa tour to view the heritage houses.
12:30 PM San Fernando Train Station A historical train station where Jose Rizal disembarked back in 1892. The station has now been turned into a museum.
2:00 PM Late Lunch at Junjun’s Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant Order their pork barbeque and sisig!

Photo of L.A. Bakeshop in San Fernando by Lucky AlabadoPhoto of Cheese bread by L.A. Bakeshop by Lucky AlabadoPhoto of Heritage Houses along A.Consunji Street by Lucky Alabado Photo inside San Fernando Train Station by Lucky AlabadoPhoto of lunch at Junjun’s Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant by Lucky Alabado

4:00 PM San Guillermo Parish Church The church has been partially sunken by lahar when Mt.Pinatubo erupted back in 1991. You can learn more about this in their small museum inside.
6:30 PM Dinner at Apag Marangle For an authentic Kapampangan experience, try out their Tidtad (Dinuguan), Buro, Betute (Stuffed Frog) and the Camaru (Crickets).
8:00 PM Go back to Hotel and Rest

Photo of San Guillermo Parish Church by Lucky AlabadoPhoto of Apag Marangle by Lucky Alabado Photo of Kapampangan dishes of Apag Marangle by Lucky Alabado

7:00 AM Breakfast at Lewis Grand Hotel
9:00 AM Angeles City Flying Club Go on a flying adventure in their ultralight planes and enjoy the breathtaking view from the top!

Photo on flight with Angeles Flying Club by Waltz Siy

11:30 AM Lunch and rest at Abe’s Farm After a hearty lunch, you can destress at their spa or simply take a stroll around their lush gardens.
3:30 PM San Bartolome Church
6:30 PM Dinner at Aling Lucing’s Sisig Try the sisig by the OG Sisig Queen of Pampanga. Definitely still one of the best sisig out there!
7:30 PM Go back to Lewis Grand Hotel

Photo of Abe’s Farm by Ivan LantinPhoto of Abe’s Farm lunch spread by Ivan LantinPhoto of Abe’s Farm’s accommodations by Ivan LantinPhoto of Aling Lucing’s by Lucky Alabado Photo of Aling Lucing’s by Ivan LantinPhoto of Aling Lucing’s best-sellers (sisig, liempo, chicken and pork barbeque, tokwa) by Lucky Alabado

7:30 AM Breakfast at Lewis Grand Hotel
9:00 AM Relax and enjoy hotel amenities You can take a quick dip at the pool before heading out.
11:00 AM Check-out at Lewis Grand Hotel

Photo of Lewis Grand Hotel by Waltz SiyPhoto of Lewis Grand Hotel by Waltz Siy

12:00 PM Lunch at Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy and Sisig Undeniably one of the best places to get your sisig fix in Pampanga if you like it nice and crispy!
1:30 PM Buy Pasalubong at LA Bakeshop and Susie’s Cuisine Gotta take home some of that delicious bread from LA Bakeshop and local delicacies at Susie’s.

Photo of lunch spread from Mila’s by Lucky Alabado

2:00 PM Dessert and snacks at The Original Razon’s Cool down with a glass of Halo-halo and pair it with their yummy Pancit Palabok.
3:00 PM St. James the Apostle Parish Church (Betis Church) Also known as The Sistine Chapel of the Philippines. Admire the intricate murals that adorn the ceilings and walls of the church.
3:30 PM Visit the Betis Galleria, owned by world renowned sculptor Willy Layug Get to see Willy Layug’s masterpieces in person and if you’re lucky he’s there, you can watch him sculpt too.
5:00 PM Immaculate Concepcion Church
5:30 PM Foodtrip at Guagua Burgos Plaza Enjoy the food stalls lined up at the plaza that offer a variety of street foods.
6:30 PM Return to Manila

Photo of The Original Razon’s by Waltz Siy Photo of Razon’s signature Halo-Halo by Lucky AlabadoPhoto of St. James the Apostle Parish Church (Betis Church) by Lucky AlabadoPhoto of world-renowned sculptor, Willy Layug, at Betis Galleria by Lucky Alabado

Book your flights to Clark now and get ready to experience Pampanga beyond food!

Photo by Lucky AlabadoPhoto of sunset at Pampanga by Ivan Lantin

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Photo by Ivan Lantin

Photo of Aisela’s sustainable travel kit by Ivan Lantin

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