The Masq: Premium Quality Masks that Do the Job Well (and are affordable too!)


One of the best reusable masks in the market. The MASQ Collection is developed in NYC and has passed the 4 crucial mask safety tests! Namely the breath/flame test, light transmission test, water repellant test and particle suction test!

The Masq Collection features masks with a Quad-Layer Filtration, tight secured-fit, lightweight & breathable fabric and with softflex, adjustable straps to protect your ears.

More than the functionality, the design and material aren’t just for show either. The Masq has a nose contour and chin-cup to prevent your skin from touching the inner part of the mask, which also gives you a better area for breathing. This also helps prevent maskne (mask acne)! The design was made to eliminate side gaps, which also helps shape your face for a comfortable and secure fit.

The Masq Collection will also be donating a part of their profit to people who have been laid off because of the pandemic!

The Masq Collection’s mission is one of resilience and hope; to thrive in whatever the circumstance. Life happens… but more importantly, life’s what we make it too.

“All our masks are lively and full of color; they’re vibrant. We made specifically with the dreamers in mind — it is made for the people brimming with goals and passion, for people with plans to make the world better.” Additionally, “More than fashion, we pride ourselves in the safety of our masks.” says Myka Sy, the spearhead of The Masq Collection.

They don’t compromise fashion for function, and it shows how they were able to marry them together through the functionality of their products.

These masks were developed in NYC too. Each purchase comes with 10 PureMasq® Filters and a reusable MASQ Pouch!

They also offer a basic variant (10 solid colors) and a limited-edition collection!

They are offering a limited-edition range because they want to celebrate the uniqueness of each dreamer’s paths — no two paths are the same. And we ought to embrace that fact to keep thriving.

The Masq classics retail for PHP 350 (inclusive of 10 PureMasq® Filters and a reusable MASQ Pouch!) and PHP 450 if you opt for additional 5 PM2.5 filters.

As for the limited pieces, it retails for PHP 450 (also inclusive of 10 PureMasq® Filters and a reusable MASQ Pouch) and PHP 550 for additional PM2.5 filters.

They also have a version for your kids called the MASQ MINI collection.

The masks are available at & on IG — @TheMasqCollection

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