ScallopxSalmon & Umami Unagi Aburi Trays by Taste & Tell MNL!

If there’s one thing that sets Taste & Tell apart from all this sushi bake craze, then you’re in for a surprise because there are many, MANY reasons why their trays should be on top of your list. 
Unlike the typical sushi bake, Taste & Tell specializes in aburi trays, which means their trays are blow-torched (instead of baked) to better bring out the flavor of each ingredient. Think hints of umami and charred flavors in every bite. And as if that’s not enough, their trays are also made fresh daily using only the best ingredients. With no doubt, customers are guaranteed authentic flavors and a high-quality food experience on a daily basis.
Being the first in town to curate a well-knit brand for aburi trays, they’ve come to develop three variants:
  1. The Original Kani Aburi
  2. The Salmon x Scallop Aburi
  3. The Umami Unagi Aburi
 The Original Kani Aburi, or the tray where it all began, is filled with a generous amount of kani, layered on top of mangoes and sushi rice. Each tray is then sprinkled with their secret sauce and roasted sesame seeds before they are torched to achieve the signature smokey flavor.
Their second variant, the Salmon x Scallop Aburi, is a more playful combination of textures. Every bite is a perfect blend of salmon chunks and whole scallops.
Lastly, another crowd-favorite, is their Umami Unagi variant, which takes their original kani tray to a whole new level. The Umami Unagi tray features a perfectly charbroiled unagi, bonitoo flakes, tobiko, and aonori, on top of their best-selling kani tray.
Each tray is undeniably filled with the right amount of everything. From the ratio of rice to toppings, to the measurement of every ingredient, it is easy to tell that there is much thought put into the making and developing of their recipes. The Taste & Tell trays, as they are dangerously addicting, are a crowd favorite for a reason – because not only do they happily fill our stomachs, but they also warm our hearts, knowing that each tray is lovingly made by a family that only wishes to satisfy our cravings for good and quality dishes.
You may visit their Instagram Page to place your orders or go directly to the ORDER FORM to satisfy your #sushibake cravings!

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