Spicy Kani Sushi Bake by Eleven Baker Street


Eleven Baker Street has made a name for itself selling premium post-modern sushi bake fusions with their Uni Aburi and Truffle Scallop Aburi Sushi Bakes. However, their version of the Classic Kani Sushi Bake truly deserves the spotlight on its own right.
It’s called ‘Classic’ for a reason, but EBS has injected its own flair into this version. Eleven Baker Street uses peaches instead of the usual mangoes for a sweeter flavor and crispier texture. Their generous rice-to-topping ratio and the unexpected heat of this spicy flavor provides just the right kick to make it really special.
Don’t be fooled by its familiar appearance. Hidden under that ocean of tobiko is an explosion of umami. Each layer of the EBS Classic Kani Sushi Bake comes together beautifully in every bite, making this reinvention of the sushi bake an instant favorite.

Check out more of Eleven Baker Street’s other flavors at their Facebook or Instagram page @elevenbakerstreet or order directly at tinyurl.com/11bakerstreet

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