#SAFEscape: 6 Adventures You Can Safely Take with The Travel Club

For more than a year now, COVID-19 has thrown our travel plans into disarray. We’ve had to deal with cancelled flights, airfare refunds, and rescheduled trips. Sometimes, even a quick get-together with friends has to be postponed indefinitely. Safety has become our number one priority and we don’t mind putting our plans on the back burner as long as we and our families remain safe and healthy.
But at one point or another, we crave a getaway. We dream about waves and beaches and the sheer joy of stepping into a new city for the first time. We fall in love with the thought of a vacation and the idea of escaping the constant worry and anxiety we feel every single day.

We need a #SAFEscape.

#SAFEscape, a portmanteau of the words SAFE and ESCAPE, is an enriching experience that sparks wonder and purpose. It is embarking on a journey to find marvels in things big and small, with safety in mind. It is travelling with a meaningful goal and intention.

With proper planning and the right travel equipment, every trip can be a #SAFEscape. Below is a list of adventures you can turn into a #SAFEscape right now.

1. Road Trips

Perhaps one of the most therapeutic activities in the world is driving to nowhere and belting out your favorite tunes while rolling on the highway. You get that sense of freedom and learn more about yourself.

How you can turn this into a #SAFEscape:

Lessen your need to get out of your car by bringing everything you need, like food, safety masks, and alcohol, before you hit the road. These must-haves are exactly what you need:


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