Check out this full range of organic & hormone-free milk!


100% family owned, Koita was founded in Dubai in 2013, by an South Asian American expat Mustafa Koita, an entrepreneur, and father of 3, who wanted to bring premium (Italian) healthy products to families across the region. Since Koita started, Mustafa has seen his products placed on shelves across 11 emerging markets spanning the Middle East, Asia and now in the USA.

With naturally delicious premium dairy, lactose free and plant based options, all the offerings are sourced from the happy fields of Italy. Koita’s philosophy revolves around quality and healthy living and all the products are premium, clean tasting, NON GMO, organic and with longer shelf life.

They have a growing milk product line that includes Organic (Dairy), Lactose Free & Hormone-Free (Dairy), Plant (Non-Dairy) and even cooking cream!

One of the things that got us even more excited is the Koita Non-GMO Soy for Coffee. Made from Soy Seeds (6.5%), Non-GMO with exceptional taste & foam with all coffee preparations. 1 Liter makes 15 cappuccinos with the perfect foam!

They also have Koita Organic Coconut that’s gluten free and only 22 kcal per 100ml as well as Organic Oat and Almond milk!

You can get your Koita milk online via Shopee and Lazada and you can check out their full product line on their socials KoitaFoodsPH and @KoitaPH.

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