What Is This Busking We’ve Been Hearing About?


The Philippines is brimming with so much artistic talent and it’s not difficult to see or in this case, to hear. Sometimes it just takes a stroll around the city to experience some of our local artists’ works.

Busking are street performances done in public places for gratuities. A main street may be closed down, becoming a pedestrian only thoroughfare. Street musicians also find train stations to be an ideal busking spot. Commuters can enjoy a tune or two while they wait for their train, creating a more pleasant public transport experience while offering an opportunity for budding musicians a stage.

All over the world, busking demonstrates the power of music to create communities and breakdown social barriers. Famed musicians like Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart and the band Violent Femme actually started out their careers as street performers.

Last November 27-November 29, Global outdoor brand, Merrell, brought music to the streets of the metro with Merrell City Busk, a series of street performances featuring some of local music’s biggest names— Spongecola, Ebe Dancel, Bullet Dumas, Aia De Leon, and more!

They celebrated city life for a cause with a uniquely raw, unadulterated music experience. Featuring the latest 1SIX8 and AC+ Collection, these urban lifestyle shoes from Merrell will have you ready to explore the city 168 hours a week.

Full proceeds from Merrell City Busk live performances will go to non-profit organizations personally selected by the artists: CARA Welfare, Hero Foundation, and White Cross.

For more information, visit Merrell.com.ph or follow Merrell on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @merrell_ph. | And check out the posts at #MerrellCityBusk

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