8 Reasons Why South Cebu Should Be Your Next Out-of-town Trip


Apart from the lechon and the historical cross, Cebu is a destination that tailors to any kind of traveller—may you be a chill beach bummer, a party hoot, or an adrenaline junkie—this often overlooked but auspicious island promises a lifetime worth of unforgettable memories. On your next trip to this province, skip the traffic, make your way down south, and step into an entirely new side of Cebu you’ve never seen before.


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  • Cebu Pacific air offers almost hourly direct flights to Mactan or the city proper. Fares usually range from P1,200-P3,500 depending on the day or season. The good news though is that the airline often holds seat sales to Cebu that could go for as low as P400 per way! Just keep your eyes peeled for promo fares.
  • If you’re headed to Oslob, shuttles take about 3 hours from the city. Dumaguete is a closer alternative, so you may opt to book from there.
  • Book flights via @cebupacificair here: 
  • You can also travel via sea, but it takes longer and could waste precious time you could spend exploring instead.

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To help you plan your itinerary, we list down 8 things to do and visit down south of Cebu.

  1. Sumilon Island. More specifically, Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort.

At the heart of Oslob, you’ll find a small glimmering paradise known to many as Sumilon Island. Bluewater Sumilon, the exclusive luxury resort on the island makes things easy and convenient for every visitor. They offer airport-to-resort shuttle transfers, as well as hourly boat rides to-and-fro the island for overnight staycations or day trips. However, we highly recommend sleeping for a few nights at the resort. The reason for being is that it’s well worth every penny.

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They have 4 types of accommodation—Deluxe Rooms, Premiere Deluxe Rooms, One Bedroom Pool Villa, and the Two Bedroom Villa. Prices per room range from P10,000-P32,000. The Two Bedroom Villa is perfect for groups of 6 which already comes with 1 king bed, 2 queen-sized beds, shower, bathtub, Netflix ready TVs (yes, you read that right), and get this—your very own dipping pool!

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It’s tempting to lounge in the villa all day, but you mustn’t miss out on all the other activities available at the resort. There are two beaches—one is a more quiet shore dotted with hammocks and pool chairs, the other is a sprawling sandbar that’s best visited during low tide.

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There’s also an inviting infinity pool that overlooks the stunning ocean, a cliffside massage, a bar (the avocado smoothie is a must-try!), a beginner to expert trek to the lighthouse, a lagoon where you can fish and kayak, and an in-house restaurant that holds the most sumptuous themed buffets.

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Sumilon Island, Oslob, Cebu 6025

Tel: +6332 318 9098

Mobile:+63917 631 7512 or +63998 964 1879

Email Address: sumilon@bluewater.com.ph

  1. Canyoneering in Badian is a unique experience you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

You may come out with bruises and battle scars, but each one will have a great story come with it. There’s a 15-minute habal ride to the drop-off point on the mountain, then another 30-45 minute trek down to the first jump-off point. Tour services are readily available, but we suggest that you contact Happy Juanderer Travel Inc. They’re equipped with their own vests, helmets, gear, and the guides know their way well enough so you’ll always feel safe. Remember to bring only an underwater camera because all your other stuff will be left in a dry bag with your guide. The entire canyons will probably take you 4-5 hours to finish but you won’t even notice the time. You’ll be too immersed in adrenaline as you jump from one cliff to another!

  1. Chase Tumalog and Kawasan Falls.

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At the end of your canyoneering journey is the famous Kawasan Falls. It’s true what they say: it has the most unique, Gatorade-blue water which stands as the perfect refresher after a tiring trek. Tumalog Falls on the other hand, is less crowded but no less majestic. The water flows down to a perfect gossamer curtain and drops into what seems like an oasis. Truly, there’s nothing quite like it.

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  1. Hike to Cebu’s highest point, more known as Osmeña Peak.

About a 30-minute trek from the starting point, Osmeña Peak offers a breathtaking view of jagged cliffs and hills with the glimmering ocean in the distance setting as the perfect backdrop. Don’t forget to check the weather beforehand and make sure it’s a sunny day to make the most out of your hike!

  1. The amazing underwater marine life in Moalboal’s diving spots.

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How does turtle hunting and swimming with sardines sound? Moalboal is another diving site in Cebu and this blue abyss is slowly making its way on every traveller’s radar. A boat will take you to Pescador Island which—and we’re not exaggerating—will amaze you with the most alive and most diverse underwater marine life. It’s also one of the few places on earth where you can swim with enormous shoals of sardines all year round. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a dolphin or two.

  1. Argao’s Guilang Tableya is every sweet tooth’s chocolate heaven.

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Happy Juanderer could also take you all the way to Argao for a sweet trip. No puns intended. Here you’ll find Guilang Tableya, a nationwide supplier of tablea chocolate which has kept their factory humble and homey. It doesn’t even look like a factory but the owners will gladly show you how they make their chocolates straight from the cacao fruit.

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P.S. We’re still dreaming of their hot chocolate!

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  1. Oslob’s Cuartel is a natural beauty.

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Literally. The unfinished building’s blocks are made out of corals. It’s located just outside of Oslob church at the end of Calle Aragones and was intended to be the cuartel or barracks of Spanish soldiers back in the 1800s. Now, it makes for the ultimate IG-worthy place and we’d dare say it almost has the same old-century feel of Vigan in Ilocos.

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  1. South Cebu is one of the most accessible—yet still unexplored places in the Philippines.

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Every gorgeous and thrilling spot is a car ride away and you won’t feel the days pass with the amount of activities you could go on. You could simply bask under the sun’s warmth, you could snorkel on the crystal clear aquamarine sea, you could hike mountains, you could go island hopping, and so, so much more.  All it will take you is one step forward and away you’ll go.

We here at Discover MNL are firm believers that traveling is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. It could be as far as another country or it could be as near as Cebu. What matters is the journey you go on—the long but scenic car rides, the sea spray on your skin, the stories behind those tan lines, the people you travel with. At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like experiencing for yourself all the beautiful places this beautiful world has to offer.

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Itinerary prepared by Happy Juanderer Travel Inc.

Don’t forget to take these with you:

  • Swimsuits good for any activity!
  • Trusty luggages and backpacks that can stand even the rockiest boat rides—we recommend Delsey PH or Outdoor Products.
  • Waterproof bags.
  • Sunscreen!
  • Caps, sunglasses, easy beach cover ups. | Check out Grind Philippines for caps, shirts, shorts and swimsuits!
  • Water bottles for those tiring treks.
  • Speakers, because you can’t listen to Ed Sheeran or The Backstreet Boys enough during long car rides.
  • Beach towels. Preferably sand proof ones.
  • Cameras for those double tap-worthy pics! Sony Philippines is a sure-fire way to document your trip in picture-perfect style.

So, are you good to go? To help you get started, here’s our 4D3N travel itinerary for South Cebu: http://www.discovermnl.com/south-cebu-sumilon-itinerary/



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Written by: Kyla Paler

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