5 Tried-and-Tested Ways To Travel Cheap this Holiday Season (or any other time of the year)


Traveling—especially during the holiday season—can admittedly be more expensive than normal, considering that people are taking advantage of the long breaks. Flights skyrocket to almost double the price, hotels are almost always fully booked, and whatever accommodation is left probably wouldn’t fit you or your barkada’s preferences.

Thankfully, Traveloka makes planning your trips a breeze with its user-friendly and remarkable features. Not only that, it also allows you to save a huge amount of money you could use for other activities instead when you book through the app. How? Let us at Discover MNL break it down for you:

  1. Traveloka frequently notifies you with the cheapest flights available with its built-in Price Alerts and Best Price Finder.

Score the best priced flights through Traveloka’s Best Price Finder! This feature allows you to see and compare rates across the months right on the booking calendar, and know when most accommodations are offering their lowest rates. The best time to stay falls on the green dates on the calendar once you start your search.

And for those on the go, it’s best to have the Traveloka App on your phone so you’re always on top of the best travel deals. Tap on Price Alerts where you can input your desired route, travel dates, and your budget.

Now relax and wait for a notification letting you know about flights available within you budget! With over 70 airline partners worldwide, you’re bound to find your ticket for the best getaway yet

  1. There are thousands of discounted hotel rooms you can book through Traveloka.

With over 100,000 hotel partners worldwide you’re sure to find a hotel that fits your budget and caters to your needs.

Private bathroom? Swimming pool? Gym? 4-5 star ratings? WiFi? An in-house restaurant? Allow Traveloka to take care of all of that with their nifty filters.

You may also opt to view accommodations based on low-high prices as well as popularity. But the best thing about Traveloka are the app-exclusive discounts which maximizes your money’s worth. All you gotta do is: download the app, sign up/register, and enjoy big discounts on rooms up to 50%. No hidden charges, the price that you see is the price that you pay—taxes and fees included!

Paying through Traveloka is also incredibly easy. There are several options you can take advantage of like credit cards, Dragonpay, Coins, Bancnet, BPI, and Paypal to make sure that your money is secure.

  1. Ongoing promos for hotel & flight bookings are readily available on the app.

Once you’re set to where you want to go, browse through the Ongoing Promos feature to score affordable hotel & flight deals. And before you ask, yes, international and local destinations are both included!

To get the best deals, make sure you like Traveloka’s Facebook page and hit the “see first” option to stay updated whenever they refresh their promos. Another Discover MNL tip is to subscribe to their newsletter in the My Account section and enable the push notifications in the app. That way, you’re able to access all their promos first.

  1. Planning your itinerary is also made easy by Traveloka.

With Explore by Traveloka, its main content hub, you can read up on what to do and where to go in your chosen destination so you don’t waste time and resources.

Feed your wanderlust and marvel at all the beautiful sights this world has to offer. Step out of your comfort zone and breathe in the place’s culture and traditions. Roam the busy streets or traverse the deepest forests, Traveloka’s got you with their handy travel guides, may it be your first time or your third, the experience is bound to be anything but ordinary, the way traveling always is.

  1. Traveloka holds a lot of insider deals, travel tips and guides to make sure you have everything you need for your travel!

When scouring for flights or hotels, Traveloka often gives you Insider Deals which are bigger discounts than you’ll see anywhere else. It’s a testament to their mission of making traveling a hassle-free, fun, and budget-friendly activity for those who are passionate in exploring this wonderful world.

Traveloka’s Explore page equips you with everything you need to know for your travels. From travel tips, must-see sites, lists of where to eat, not-so-popular tourist spots and other information you never knew you needed!

Subscribe to the newsletter, follow Traveloka’s Facebook page and stay updated on their social media posts so you always get the freshest deals!

So there you have it! These tips are applicable not only during the holiday season, but also year-round. So download the Traveloka app now, browse through their website and social media pages and turn those dream destinations of yours a reality. After all, there’s no better time to live a wanderful life than now.


Written by: Kyla Paler

Photos by: DiscoverMNL team | Lucky Alabado & Waltz Siy

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