McDonald’s brings the Sakura season to the Philippines with their new Flavors of Japan offers


McDonald’s Philippines just launched their latest offer called “Flavors of Japan” and social media is already a-buzz with thousands of foodies enjoying the new limited edition Teriyaki Samurai Burger, Nori Shake Shake Fries, and of course the picture-perfect Strawberry Sakura McFloat. Around this time of the year, Japan blooms with delicate blush flowers called sakura (cherry blossoms). If you’re longing to experience the Land of the Rising Sun and their delectable cuisine, you can now have a taste of the Flavors of Japan at your nearest McDonald’s!

To give diners the complete Japan experience, some McDonald’s stores havebeen transformed with the staff’s Japanese-inspired uniform, Sakura decor, Origami tray mats to master the paper crane, Japanese music, and their crew will even greet you with an enthusiastic “Konnichiwa!” upon entry.Now, on to the “Flavors of Japan”!

The Teriyaki Samurai Burger is great for those who love the timeless combination of sweet and savory flavors.The beef patty is glazed with their teriyaki sauce, topped with tangy Japanese mayonnaise and lettuce, and sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. The lettuce cuts into the richness of the teriyaki patty and creamy mayo to help balance the flavors.

And what is Japanese cuisine without the proverbial nori (seaweed)? The Nori Shake Shake Fries is a salty and seafood-ish take on McDonald’s World Famous Fries.Of course, this season won’t be complete without the Strawberry Sakura McFloat. It’s a sweet and refreshing drink with the combination of cherry and strawberry and topped with a creamy vanilla sundae.So if you’re craving for a taste of Japan, just head to your nearest McDonald’s store!

Don’t forget to share your Japanese experience using #McDoFlavorsOfJapan!

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