We dare you to bite into something Bigger, Juicier, and Crispier: Meet Tapa King’s all-new Fried Chicken!


There’s a reason why comfort food is called comfort food—it takes us back to simpler times and reminds us of the good ‘ol days. Maybe to some it’s lola’s kare-kare, or mom’s winning cookies. But to many, it’ll always be good ‘ol fried chicken.

We all have our favorites. Regardless of where it’s from, fried chicken is a staple in every kid’s party and late night college munchies. But something new is in town and we dare you to bite into something that’s bigger, juicier, and crispier: Meet Tapa King’s all-new Fried Chicken!

Yes, the famed tapa place is dipping their playful feet into the fried chicken scene and we gave it a try ourselves.

Once served, we were drawn in by a delicious whiff. The chicken size was good, bigger than the average fast-food portion, and came with an equally decent amount of rice. What makes it stand out though is how balanced everything was—the meat, juicy and evenly cooked, was soft yet tender and had a very subtle smokiness to it, while the skin was indeed deliciously crispy but not overcooked. The light peppery breading also gave a welcoming lift to the flavour, complemented by the side of gravy.

See, the beauty of fried chicken is in its simplicity. No frills, nothing too fancy, just juicy, crispy, and to put it, well, simply—good. Tapa King’s Fried Chicken is ace in these categories. #MayNanaloNa!

It’s also pretty affordable. For only Php79, it’s filling enough to be a meal on its own. But for those who want more, you can order 2-pieces for Php149 and a 6-piece bucket which also comes with 6 servings of rice for Php440.

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Who knows, it might just be your new favorite fried chicken in town.

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