Yamaha serves a sparkplug in sports in Mio Gear Playground


MAY it be for a pro, a fitness buff or just a weekend warrior, Yamaha Mio Gear Playground had been the right place to go for anyone who’s up for a quick challenge. 

Hailed last May 6 to 7, 2023 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, participants came to delight themselves with a one-stop action arena containing not just one, but four attractions presented by the Yamaha Mio Gear. 

Members, aficionados, and even passerby were welcomed to join the free-for-all #PlayYourTough event. 

Visitors were welcomed by an on-ground display of the Mio Gear models which they’re free to explore and check out. 

To make things more exciting, Yamaha invited over the famous basketball vloggers, Mavs Phenomenal Basketball, whom participants of the 3×3 game competed with. 

Coach Mavrick Bautista had been outspoken about reaching out to any kind of fans of the game. 

“It’s an honor to be here, it’s exciting to see new talents, and meet new people who share the same passion for the sport,” he said. 

By the end, the Pheno team came out as champions but their foes all turned to new-found friends. 

Moreover, Spartan PH also came to create an adult play-pen consisting of six obstacles courses. 

From monkey bars station, to jump rope, participants enjoyed getting a glimpse of the new fav-favorite activity, even the Yamaha officials came to try!

Finally, Omega Esports facilitated the Call of Duty Mobile tournament where they went against various teams from the people who registered. 

Yamaha also held a YClub member-exclusive program during the first half of Day Two.

More than just the physical activities done, Yamaha’s goal was to encourage people to experience with spontaneity, and to boost the morale that challenges can be conquered when one goes out of their comfort zone. 

Like the action-packed event, the Yamaha Mio Gear is the perfect partner for anything sports, outdoor, and urban. 

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