Why You Should Go All In with High Steaks


It was not always easy to indulge yourself a great steak unless you go to a fine restaurant or hotel. So back in August of 2019, 4 self-professed steak lovers wanted to bring the same experience you get at a fine restaurant to the comfort of your very home, and that’s when they went all in to start their first business together.

Today, they have established a loyal list of returning clientele, earned from consistency in maintaining exceptional quality in their products and service which is the High Steaks Experience.

High Steaks currently has four selections of steak to choose from, three of which are ribeyes which are known for their tenderness because of its naturally abundant marbling, and the Tomahawk which is known to be eaten at celebrations just like Christmas and New Year.

Their best selling steak for now is the USDA Wet Aged Prime Angus Ribeye, Wet Aging is the process of breaking down the meat with its own juices to make it even more tender and add more flavor to the steak. Their ribeyes are aged for thirty (30) days so you’d experience a very tender steak.

Now, if you’re looking for a benchmark for a great steak, their USDA Prime Grade Angus Ribeye would definitely raise your standards when it comes to eating steak, these ribeyes pass more than ten (10) standards for USDA Grading making it a must try for steak lovers out there.

For Wagyu lovers, they have a ribeye that is a cross-breed of American Black Angus and Japanese Wagyu which is similar to an A3 Japanese Wagyu steak, their A3 American Kobe Beef Ribeye is a must try not only of the intense marbling you’ll see, but also the tenderness when the steak melts in your mouth.

When it comes to big celebrations, there’s no doubt their USDA Wet Aged Prime Angus Tomahawks will not disappoint because these 2.5” thick ribeyes with a 5” frenched cut bone will amaze you with how tender this steak is.

You should indulge from their selections as they are all a cut above the rest and is worth going all in. That is the #HighSteaksExperience! Check out their Facebook & Instagram for updates and how to order.

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