Say Hello To Brownbaggins | Pecan, Wreath Angel Cakes & More!

by: Mitchie Gallegos Jimenez
Story time! The name Brownbaggins, was something I came up with when I started selling cookies when I was around 18. “Brown” because of the brown paper bags which I used to pack my cookies and “Baggins” because Bilbo Baggins is my favorite character from one of my favorite books, The Hobbit. He also likes cakes and he even has seed cakes in his well-stocked pantry. He is, in my opinion, one of the best heroes in literature. I kind of tied Baggins with baking and at the same time, I loved that he was an ordinary hobbit who went through a grand adventure that tested his character and learned some virtues along the way.
But plans changed. I stopped selling and baking altogether and would occasionally bake. Then, on my birthday last July 2020, while in quarantine because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to bake. When I shared with family and friends, they told me they’d buy my cakes once I decide to sell them. At that time, my husband and I were talking about how virtues are even more important now with what’s happening in our world today. I thought that it would be nice to have virtue cards that you can send out along with the cakes which can be conversation starters at the dinner table. That’s when our virtue card was born.
It was October 2020 when I decided to bring Brownbaggins back – with simplicity and virtues in mind. The cake selection was really intentional, aside from the fact that these are cakes that I personally enjoy, they are really simple, delicious cakes. TheHumble Walnut Cake is my personal favorite as well as the Generous Vanilla Angel Cake which was something I baked as a teenager.
These cakes are very simple, doesn’t need frosting, and can be enjoyed as is especially with tea, coffee or hot chocolate. It was also very apt for angels to carry our virtue cards.
I later realized that these cakes are not something that you can just normally find anywhere, so it served as my motivation to bake them and introduce them to cake lovers everywhere. My bestsellers – Generous Vanilla Angel Cake, Gentle Chocolate Angel Cake, Lovingly Full of Pecan Cake, and the Holiday edition Wreath Angel Cake have gained the attention of cake lovers and Brownbaggins is now known as the one and only seller of delicious Angel Cakes in Metro Manila.
I’m truly grateful because not only do I get to share my love for simple yet delicious cakes, I also get to share the virtues that are valuable to me and my family.
Rightfully so, these cakes have the well-deserved spotlight on them and they’re not just pretty to look at, but every slice is filled with love & flavor and is a must-have for any occasion, big or small.
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