Thrill Never Ends: Yamaha PH launches Mio Gravis with a media and YClub-exclusive ride


ANCHORED on its purpose to provide an unparalleled ride within the metro, Yamaha Motor Philippines reintroduces Mio Gravis by reminding its members how it all started last weekend.

With a circuit ride from YZone Mandaluyong, the YClub team composed of around 60 participants came together for a journey to Boso-Boso and Tanay, Rizal.

The breakfast and coffee were catered by Palpitate Coffee, which offered not just delicious post-ride meals but also a captivating view of the nearby cities. 

Refreshed and replenished, the ride continued as they headed back to Manila for more action-packed activities in UP Town Center, Katipunan. 

Yamaha Motor Philippines built a mini playground with a playing court, stage, and buffet area. 

Members formed teams to participate in a pickleball tournament, immersing them with the fastest growing street sport in the country. 

The sweat session was followed by dinner and a short time to chit chat and reconnect with friends and fellow YClub members. 

This vision was made real by the Yamaha Motor Philippines embodying its goal to continue providing opportunities for its members. 

With the tagline “Thrill Never Ends” in mind, it is representing the brand’s desire to serve its patrons the best way possible.

Apart from providing a ride, Yamaha Motor Philippines also aims to elevate the experience of enjoying every twist and turn encountered as part of the journey, without sacrificing the responsible and mindful approach to marveling life in general.

The program started by showcasing the early morning ride same-day edit video followed by the appearance of Mikee Reyes as Mio Gravis’ newest face and ambassador. 

And to prove his thrill for the partnership, the energetic sports personality ended the night with a dance performance. 

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