This is Why the Deli EG118 is the Color Gel Pen You Didn’t Know You Needed


You know how a canvas isn’t really complete without those splashes of color? Or how a great idea is just a thought bubble until you get it down on paper? Well, if you’re the type who loves to jazz up your notes with colors or doodles in the margins during a boring class or meeting, then, we’ll let you in on our secret! Meet the Deli EG118 Press Color Gel Pen—and no, it’s not your average pen, folks.

The Features We Can’t Stop Raving About:

  • Consistently Smooth Ink Flow: Gone are the days when you have to shake your pen in frustration as it halts mid-sentence. The Deli EG118 is engineered to provide an uninterrupted ink flow from the moment you uncap it to the second you place it back in your pen holder.
  • A Spectrum of Vibrant Shades: The Deli EG118 isn’t limited to just the basics; it offers a vivid range of colors that span from fiery Red to tranquil Violet to earthy Brown. This palette invites you to make your written notes as dynamic and colorful as your internal thoughts.
  • Designed for Comfort: Extended writing or sketching sessions can often lead to hand fatigue, but the ergonomic structure of this pen minimizes that risk. Its design contours perfectly to your hand, offering comfort and ease for prolonged use.

The Ideal Pen For:

  • Students who leverage color-coding techniques for more effective studying
  • Artists in need of a multipurpose pen that can adapt to various sketching needs
  • Office professionals who yearn to break free from the monotony of standard black and blue ink

When used in tandem with the Deli A5 Spiral Notebook, the EG118 Gel Pen‘s attributes shine even brighter. The premium thickness of the notebook’s paper is an ideal match for the smooth, vivid ink of the pen, making this combination a dream come true for stationery aficionados.

So, whether you are meticulously taking notes in a meeting, sketching out the first drafts of your next artistic endeavor, or simply indulging in the pure pleasure of writing, the Deli EG118 Press Color Gel Pen is an indispensable tool for anyone who holds their stationery to high standards.

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