ACQUA BOTTLES is the brainchild of Pao & Julie, two good friends who had the same passion for hydration and the vision of hydration for a better life. With that, they launched in October 2018, with one simple goal, to help better the lives of people through hydration.

ACQUA BOTTLES wanted to (1) better people’s health habits by motivating them to drink more water, (2) better people’s drinking experience by prolonging the perfect temperature of each sip, (3) become better for the environment by rejecting single-use bottles.

Fast-forward to 2020. This was not how ACQUA BOTTLES ever imagined the future will be, but here they are launching their third line, PASTEL 2.0, with the same goal of improving the daily lives of their customers.

PASTEL 2.0 aims to make the new normal a little bit better through splashes of bright and uplifting colors, Rosepunch Pink, Seafoam Blue, Creamy Nude and Lush Lilac. PASTEL 2.0 wants customers to wake up, see their ACQUA BOTTLES, and instantly lighten up their mood, whatever it is they are going through, even for just one second.

  • Rosepunch Pink (Available in 1L & 500ml)- inspired by the sweet rose waters with lovely punches of pinks, perfect for the sweet spirit
  • Seafoam Blue (Available in 500ml)- inspired by the light blue seafoam-inspired beach hue, perfect for the adventurous soul
  • Creamy Nude (Available in 500ml)- inspired by the bold, creamy nude shade, perfect for the confident person who’s unapologetic to show who he/she is
  • Lush Lilac (Available in 500ml)- inspired by the exuberant lilac shade, perfect for the rich royal soul

ACQUA Bottles are made for the customers! They can choose to personalize via laser engrave or decal, depending on their choice—-at!

In this time of pandemic, sometimes it’s the little things that can really keep people going and on some days, ACQUA BOTTLES hopes to be that little thing.


ACQUA bottles are made with food-grade, BPA-free, lead-free #304 stainless steel that is light and durable. Each bottle is double-wall insulated to ensure that drinks can keep cool for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Its wide-mouth opening can easily fit ice and makes it easy to clean. Perfect for everyone, really! Plus, Check out this super sleek black version.We’re  obsessed!

Each bottle can also be personalized via engraving or sticker decals to make each bottle truly the customer’s own. Full collection available at Lazada, Shopee & BeautyMNL.

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