Snacking with a Cause: First Locally Made Seaweed Chips from Mangan by Iman


When we hear the word ​Mangan, ​I think we all have our guesses what it actually means. You probably guessed right, but Mangan by Iman is not just about eating. It’s about conscious and ethical consumption. Since 2016, the team of Mangan by Iman has been perfecting Tawi-Tawi’s locally made Seaweed Chips. The brand is confident to note that this is the first ever seaweed chips made in the Philippines – containing fresh edible seaweeds– unlike the processed nori sheets we commonly see in stores.

It’s best paired with the spicy vinegar sauce; packed with different varieties of fresh spices. Mangan by Iman takes pride in its cause to bring inclusive development and growth in Mindanao, particularly in the province of Tawi-Tawi.

The products are sourced, produced, and distributed on an ethical and sustainable means with the sole purpose of alleviating communities. Through Mangan, you ensure that there will be no communities left behind down South.

The products carried by the brand are sourced by local seaweed and agricultural farmers, produced by unemployed mothers and wives as a means of their women economic empowerment, and the profit from it will be allotted to further the education of Sama Dilaut (Badjao) children in the Municipality of Panglima Sugala, Tawi-Tawi. Think of it as a full circle for these families!

The proud province of Tawi-Tawi has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye.

“We, at Mangan by Imán, pledge our non-profit driven cause to deliver quality, authentic Tawi-Tawi products through 21st century entrepreneurship while fulfilling our commitment of livelihood and education to our fellow brothers and sisters. And, you, our dear customers, are a part of the fulfillment of this dream and commitment. ​Mangan tabi!”

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