Theo and Brom: The World’s First Belgian Tableya


A new artisanal chocolate brand has been making the rounds indulging fine quality chocolate fanatics, here and abroad, who want confectionary products with a unique flavor profile, made with locally sourced ingredients, and yes— genuinely romantic, delicately rustic, and carefully wrapped in chic packaging. A proudly Filipino brand, Theo and Brom— the artisanal chocolate e-brand introducing the World’s First Belgian Tableya

Derived from cacao’s scientific name Theobroma Cacao, Theo and Brom is a by-product of what Marielle Flores believes her home country and her new home offer best: Philippine cacao beans and Belgian chocolate expertise. Within 4 months since its launch, Theo and Brom went on from producing 10 kilos of Belgia Tableya per week to 300 kilos per month, attracting hundreds of customers today across the Americas, Europe, and now in the Philippines.

What’s so special about these Belgian Tableyas?

Theo and Brom brings out the best in every cocoa bean— specializing in roasting, crafting, and molding small batches of these melt-in-your-mouth or melt-in-your-drink artisanal chocolaterounds.

The world’s first Belgian Tableya brings out the distinct aromas and flavors of Philippine cacao beans, and have a mouth-feel that Theo and Brom calls delicately unrefined.

With the guidance and approval of globally renowned Greek scientist and fine cacao industry expert, Dr. Zoi Papalexandratou of ZOTO Cacao, Theo and Brom chose Single-Estate De La Serna Beans sourced from a cacao estate in Davao, Philippines to perfect the tasting notes and flavor profile that will be a good blend for the Belgian Tableya whether it’s consumed as a snack or as a beverage (just like your favorite tsokolate drink!).  The Moens then brought in and worked closely with multi-awarded chocolate maker Mario Vandeneede to concoct the final recipe that landed the first batch of Theo and Brom’s Belgian Tableyas.

Pre-order your own Belgian Tableya classic box today for only Php 2,100 at and have a taste of the world’s first Belgian Tableya.

The classic box contains 4 rounds and each round is good for 2-3 cups of piping-hot chocolate goodness. You can also opt for Theo and Brom’s Belgian Tableya Rolls available for only Php 849, containing 6 cups, with each cup best enjoyed when melted with 170ml of milk. Whether you go for the classic box or the rolls, Theo and Brom will surely make your gatherings a whole lot sweeter.

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