The Jewel of It All: The Couture Bridal Mask for Weddings & Special Events by ÀMEN


Calling all brides! We have the best news for you – we’ve found THE final touch that you need on your wedding day during a pandemic.

ÀMEN is a local fashion brand that recently went international last May 10, 2022. They released a couture bridal mask collection – “Forever and a Heirloom: The Diamond of Your Lifetime” in preparation for that destination wedding that some of you lovely brides have planned. And we know what you’re thinking: “Perfect timing! So excited for the destination wedding that I’ve got planned.” or “Matching masks for the bridal party!” and yes, we definitely agree with you!

Are you wondering what exactly makes ÀMEN pieces couture? Honestly, this is what makes us excited!

  1. Each piece is hand-made – from being cut to precision to the threads that flawlessly connect one fabric to another. Care and love are infused into these masks through every step.
  2. All individual masks are designed in such a way that it not only shows off its beauty, but alsomaintains beading and embellishment integrity.
  3. The ear straps are nude so it doesn’t distract from the gorgeously done makeup. Yet evenbetter, they’re buttery soft to the touch for maximum comfort and adjustable giving you the perfect fit!

And to jewel it all off: the silk dust bag that adds to the special treatment you get on your day. Being hand-made as well, the dust bag protects and houses your couture piece.

Oh, before we forget! No need to worry about your beautiful Maid of Honor and bridesmaids! Why? Because ÀMEN has other designs that will fit any wedding theme and color to a “t”. From red to green, to blue to black, there’s a rainbow selection to choose from!

We don’t know about you but we’re definitely saying “YES!” to this bridal collection from ÀMEN!

To add the finishing jewel on your special day, you can get the couture mask of your hearts desire exclusively on ÀMEN’s website.

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