Three Things You Need to Know About Shakey’s New Cali Kani Pizza!


East meets West indeed! For all the seafood lovers out there, there’s a follow-up creation from Shakey’s with the success of The Scallop Primo Pizza — say hello to The Cali Kani Pizza!

Here’s THREE things you need to know about this one of a kind pizza!

  1. It’s your American + Japanese food fix in one!

Shakey’s newest masterpiece is a one of a kind pizza that fuses American and Japanese flavors you know you love! It’s loaded with kani, peaches, cucumber, and fish roe with Japanese Sesame Dressing.

  1. It’s sweet and savory at the same time!

Each bite is bursting with different flavors in perfect harmony. The full and bold taste of Kani blends well with the light sweetness of sliced peaches with just the right amount of salty kick from the Japanese Sesame Dressing.

  1. It’s surprisingly refreshing!

The sliced peaches give it that slight citrus boost that enhances the flavor of the kani and fish roe. It’s a mix of ingredients that you won’t expect will complement each other. Not to mention the Japanese Sesame Dressing that plays between sweet and salty with a little nutty and roasted flavor that kicks up each bite one level higher!


Get it while it’s still here! Shakey’s New Cali Kani Pizza is available for a limited time only. It’s available for delivery, dine-in and take out in all stores nationwide. Guests may order by dialing (02) 77-777 or through or Shakey’s Mobile App. #LetsShakeys #KaniFTW


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