New Snack Alert: Bokk Bokk’s Flavorful Chicken Pops!


If you think you have tried out all the possible reiterations of chicken pops, you’ve never been more wrong! Bokk Bokk Chicken & Co. offers you additional unique, modern twists to an all-time Taiwanese street food classic.

Hear the crunchiness, feel the tenderness, and taste the spiciness. There are several delicious flavors to choose from to satisfy your cravings for these chicken pops made by Bokk Bokk Chicken & Co.

If you’re itching to travel and experience the classic Taiwan street food, then the Salt & Pepper flavor is for you. This original combination is pure, tasty, and only the best. It will surely remind you of Taiwan’s famous chicken pops, leaving you begging for more.

Craving something that packs a little more heat? The Mexican Spice is a unique wild twist to the classic that’s made for spice lovers.

If you want to try a whole new oriental rendition of chicken pops, the Itadaki Curry might be just what you need. It’s a subtle touch of umami curry flavor that gives you a good savory taste.

For those cutting down on meat, Bokk Bokk Chicken & Co. also has FRIED TOFU! These juicy delicate pillow-like cubes are coated with a special Szechuan pepper spice and are definitely hard to resist!

Bokk Bokk Chicken & Co. aims to provide fresh, quality products & good service to customers. For additional information & inquiries, check out their social media pages via Facebook or Instagram. Stay tuned for new superb flavors that they might just come out with!

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