@fill.phil: Serving Pink Coffee, Almond Lychee Pudding & more


@fill.phil is not your ordinary coffee & sweets shop, it’s founded by 2 very artsy sisters, Lady & Steph Badoy who are the creative minds behind The Scenique Daily Co. an events styling & an online lifeshop company. This aesthetic concept is their newest brainchild and is serving not just instagrammable items, but pretty delicious ones too!

FILL, as in the dictionary means : feed, satiate, satisfy, fulfill; a full supply, to become full. 

Lady & Steph think that food is a universal language that gives comfort & joy especially in these challenging times; food gives comfort & can be enjoyed alone or to be shared with family/ friends. 

@fill.phil’s menu are their personal & family favorites – simple little indulgences that feels like everyday treats to satisfy our cravings. 

It’s mostly sweets & coffee based drinks for now + their vietnamese bun cha bowls from @bonnechalove, but also planning to expand on offering savory dishes and some pantry staples soon!

The top 3 Products that best represent @fill.phil are: 

  1. Rose Latte
  2. Alchee Pudding
  3. Brown Al Polvorón

– a little unique,  unusual, a playful take on some classics , a delectable surprise 

The sisters seek to create a culture of a scenique-inspired life, through the settings, the food & drinks that we offer, even with their branding & packaging — and it shows! They aim to tickle ones senses; to fill ones tummy & soul, to create soulful experiences to uplift and bring charm to your everyday life. Even the packaging is done  extra” with little touches that make it more special. It has become their goal too to make FILL eco-friendly. The bottles & packaging used are reusable or biodegradable.

Lastly, @fill.phil aims to build meaningful connections with their customers.  So, #HaveYourFill with fill.

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