Must-Try: Bangus and Chicken Karaage from Napoleon’s Karaage!


Anyone who loves Chicken (& Bangus!) will absolutely adore Napoleon’s Karaage. Stuffed with special seasoning plus breading mix, every Karaage pack is loaded with a substantial amount of meat and Napoleon’s secret magic flavoring.

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, Karaage is a popular Japanese cooking technique where various meats are deep-fried in oil. Despite its origins, however, Napoleon’s is inherently very Filipino. Reminiscent of famous chicken offerings from leading fast-food chains in the country, the brand’s ready-to-cook kits add a lot more flavor, punch, and juiciness to local chicken’s familiar taste.

What’s more, Napoleon’s has a lot more tricks up their culinary sleeves. Having recently just launched with chicken as their pioneering dish, the top-tier Karaage makers now adds Bangus Karaage​ to their growing roster of treats.

They also have their on Chili Garlic  Sauce to pair with your crunchy Karaage!

These DIY cook-it-yourself Karaage packs are not just delicious, but also super easy and fun to make! Don’t miss out on the gastronomic fun.

You can order your frozen packs at Napoleon’s Karaage PH on Facebook or check out their Instagram @napoleonskaraageph for updates!

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