MuraBeshy: The Online One-Stop Grocery Shop Made for You!


By: Marielle Barraza 

Have you heard of the online grocery, Murabeshy?

  1. Main mission is to provide convenience to Filipinos

Murabeshy is an online one-stop grocery store established just last April 2020, two weeks after the Enhanced Community Quarantine was announced. In the middle of this crisis, it has been their mission to provide peace of mind and convenience to their customers, most especially to the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), pregnant women, and elderly who can’t leave their homes due to COVID-19.

  1. Filipino’s best friend in providing affordable products and services

What does the term Murabeshy mean? James Ervin Tatel or more known to be called as Jet, is a commissioner of JCI Manila and CEO of JET Lighting, started this business venture with the main purpose of helping Filipinos lessen the hassle of going out of their homes and do groceries. As per his interview in Social Media Academy, he explained that he wanted the name of his business to be relatable and easy to remember. Mura means affordable while beshy means best friend which is one of the most used term in this generation. When combined, Murabeshy means Filipino people’s best friend that provides affordable grocery needs. What makes it more interesting is that it goes straight to their doorsteps. Who would not want to experience this kind of service?

  1. Murabeshy is more than your typical grocery store

Murabeshy sells essential products like canned goods, beverages, cooking needs, home and laundry needs, dairy products, and personal care products. The newest addition to their product list is the medical supplies. They currently have masks, face shields, alcohol, thermometer guns, PPEs, and other medical protective gears. They will be adding new products like lighting and fixtures so that it will be a more holistic online grocery store.

  1. Order and delivery processes are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

They deliver within Metro Manila and nearby provinces of Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan. Hopefully when things get better, they look forward to serving more markets outside the aforementioned locations. You can also place your order easily. Just go to their website (, add to your cart the essentials that you need, and then check out. They have in-house riders which makes the delivery service faster and more efficient.

  1. Murabeshy was created because of you!

If you see something that might be useful and helpful for you and to others, just shoot a message to the team! It would be a great way for Team Murabeshy to provide the needs for everyone. After all, this business was made just for you! Groceries made easy!

To know more, visit their website: and find them on Facebook: and Instagram: @murabeshy.

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