Must Try: Hummingbird Spreads’ yummy local jams! (Turon, calamansi flavor & more!)


There’s something about biting into a soft, fluffy, bread with gooey, tasty jam in the center! Hummingbird Spreads take the warm experience and elevates it with their fresh, locally-produced jams.

Jam is a staple in many cultures. Americans have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Germans pair their jams with cheese, and Koreans even use it to make yuja tea by mixing jam with water.

For us Filipinos, there’s a nostalgia that comes with it. For breakfast, we spread our favorite palaman on pandesal before heading off to school!

Hummingbird Spreads  make all-natural artisanal jams and spreads. They offer a wide range of flavors to choose from. Classic favorites like Strawberry Jam and Orange Marmalade are made super fresh and fruity and are guaranteed to make you smile! But what really sets them apart is their unique selection of flavors.

They have jams made with local Filipino fruits – Calamansi Marmalade, Dalandan Marmalade, Banana-Langka Spread, Mango Jam, and Watermelon Jam, which also happen to be some of their best sellers.

The Calamansi Marmalade has a wonderful balance of tartness and sweetness, making it an instant fan favorite. The seasonal Dalandan variant is citrusy and fragrant. The Banana-Langka Spread tastes just like turon and definitely brings back a lot of fond memories. The Mango Jam has a rich taste of fresh, local, Filipino Mangoes. The Watermelon Jam tastes light and refreshing, just like eating fresh watermelons.

Their other creations are also super unique and fun! The Apple-Cinnamon Jam tastes like fresh apple pie in a jar and the Kiwi Jam is perfect for pairing with cheese.

Hummingbird Spreads don’t use any artificial preservatives. The secret to the fresh fruity taste in each jar is that they are made with whole fruit – not from concentrates, and not from purees. The day the fruits are delivered to them is the day are made into jam, keeping true to their commitment to freshness.

Fancy a companion for your croissant, pandesal, or waffle? If you want to level up your breakfast, don’t let these great local jams slip through your radar! You’re guaranteed to love them!

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