How can I help the frontliners?


How can I help the frontliners?

This is exactly what 48 students and their professor in Events Management were asking themselves amidst the current lockdown. This group of people combined their efforts to come up with an activity to give back and do something good for the community.

Some of the students who make up OWF

From there, OneWithFrontliners (OWF) was born.

Their main goals are:

1) To lend a helping hand to the frontliners for their heroism in facing the COVID-19 pandemic,

OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch to National Center for Mental Health

and 2) To bridge the gap between people who wish to help and the different hospitals in Metro Manila.

OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch 

More than just collecting and distributing donations, OWF sees this as a way to connect our fellow Filipinos together and give everyone the opportunity to help, while honoring the frontliners who are risking their lives to save ours, and spreading hope amidst this trying time.

OWF’s Partnerships:

OWF started off with a partnership with Angkas PH, who had also launched their own campaign to deliver donations straight to hospitals. Through OWF and Angkas, in-kind donations can be collected directly from your home for FREE, with the extra assurance of someone taking care of the logistics for you, and letting you know where your donation has gone after drop-off.

OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch 

OWF is also one of our official logistics parter for #BaryaNiJuan PHP 50 para sa PPE. Where we produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits for the frontliners of different hospitals.

Poster and illustration made by Elijah Marie Quevedo | @e17ahrt

OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch  OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch 

OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch 

During this difficult phase in our lives, it’s evident that the bayanihan spirit of the Filipinos still prevail, and thus various campaigns for frontliners and our kababayans keep pouring in.

So, if you or someone you know is running a campaign to help the frontliners, you can contact OWF through their Facebook page.

How it Works:

  1. Donations are collected by contacting their Facebook page.
  2. OWF will coordinate any pick-ups for in-kind donations with Angkas, and the donations will be delivered directly to one of their partner hospitals.

OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch 

OWF can also collect in-cash donations and handle the purchase of ready-to-consume food, PPEs, and other needed goods and materials, which will be distributed to hospitals with no extra fee via Angkas. You can be assured that your cash donations are maximized!

OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch 

The Next Steps:

Since its official launch on March 24, OWF has collected over PHP 100,000 worth of in-kind and in-cash donations in 4 days. The team is extremely grateful to everyone who has donated, but this is just the beginning, as many hospitals will continue to need more help.

OWF’s monetary donation for #BaryaNiJuan

The OWF team are also continuously looking for suppliers of needed materials to lessen the burden for some hospitals. In the Philippine General Hospital alone, a minimum of 600 personal protective equipment are needed daily.

OWF x Angkas x DiscoverMNL’s #BaryaNiJuan dispatch 

For those who are interested in donating, please message them by clicking here.

You may also follow their page by clicking here, for more updates.

We’d like to thank Ms. Mary Penaloza, Elijah Marie Quevedo (the artist behind the poster and cover photo),  and Sir Mond Vergara for helping us strengthen the logistics arm of the #BaryaNiJuan campaign and offering their time and effort to help our frontliners.

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