This Restaurant in Banawe Serves Cheese & Butter Fried Rice along with your Favorite Dim Sum!


The Golden Empire Chinese Cuisine in Banawe, Quezon City is the newest Chinese fusion restaurant in the area. Although Banawe is well known for the abundance of Chinese restaurants, Golden Empire decided to add a twist to this city favorite.Their restaurant is found at 835 Banawe St., Brgy. Saint Peter, Quezon City and it’s pretty easy to spot! They occupy two floors of the building and have enough space for special occasions and small gatherings.

Here’s what the dining area looks like.

A feel of their second floor with areas that are convertible into private function rooms for small events.They also have a karaoke option to add on your dining experience, if that’s your drill. Don’t worry, you can stay in one of the divided rooms with your family and friends to keep the concert small. *wink* Golden Empire Chinese Cuisine’s menu ranges from classic no-fail dim sum, to live seafood and Peking duck! It may seem like a typical Chinese menu spread, but their take on the food? A fresher and much tastier version of the classics.Some of their signatures are the, as excitingly mentioned, Golden Empire Fried Rice and Crab Kiampong.The Golden Empire Fried Rice is a mix of fresh seafood wrapped in scrambled egg, topped with cheese and butter sauce! It’s like a Chinese version of omurice, only better! It’s Chinese fusion, done right.

We won’t spill the details too much. Go and take on the #GEBanawe experience for yourself! Check out Golden Empire Chinese Cuisine‘s official Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and information about the restaurant!

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