10 Reasons Why You Should Discover Guam


Take 4 hours from Manila and get ready to say Håfa Adai! Are you ready to tick Guam off of your bucket list? This paradise is much closer to the Philippines than you think. Read on to find out more about the island known for star-sand beaches, tax-free shopping, skydiving, land and water adventures, BBQ parties and so much more!

As if the direct flights from Manila – Guam won’t make it any easier to finally decide to go on that trip, we’ve wrapped up the 10 best reasons to travel to this island.

  1. The Chamorro Village

Let the smell of freshly grilled barbecue lure you in the village!The entrance of the Chamorro Village leads you to the dance floor where there are live band performances to get you moving from day to night. This place is a hub for the locals to promote Guam’s historical culture and traditions.

The Chamorro village hosts the night market every Wednesdays, where locals and tourists come together to enjoy a night of food, arts & crafts, and novelty gifts for souvenirs.

  1. Immerse Yourself in the Fish Eye Observatory

This man made underwater observatory is where you can closely witness Guam’s bright and beautiful marine life. They offer snorkeling on the side.

Choose from two passes when going to the observatory. One is solely for the observatory, while the other one comes with a buffet option, just cross the observatory where you can enjoy a 1 hr. outdoor cultural show by the Chamorros.

  1. Let’s Ride Guam – The Ultimate UTV Experience in Guam!

This one’s for the books! Gear up, drive up to the mountains and start the adrenaline pumping adventure with a stunning view of the landscape and waterfalls.Let’s Ride Guam offers UTV adventures perfect for adrenaline junkies. Jesse and Brandon from Let’s Ride Guam were our UTV professional drivers that time. Make sure to request for them and we’re sure you’ll experience the most out of the ride. The ride will cost you $100 for 3hrs.

For bookings, e-mail: letsridebookings@gmail.com

Address: Across Docomo Pacific Tamuning 895 South Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning

  1. Immerse Yourself in the Valley of the Latte

One of the local attractions you shouldn’t miss! Hop-in and enjoy the river cruise along the Talofofo and Ugum River all the way to the ancient village. This is similar to the Loboc River Cruise we have in Bohol.

While cruising, you’ll witness the pineapple plantations where the wild crabs are.

You also have the option to do Stand Up Paddle “SUP” or Kayaking.

Upon reaching the River Village, you’ll see the ancient Chamorro houses, the boat used for their livelihood and even show you how they catch their food and start a fire traditionally.

The visit also includes a carabao ride, fishing and chicken feeding! After the tour, lunch is served! Make sure not to pass on those spareribs!

For more information visit https://valleyofthelatte.com/

Contact: info@valleyofthelatte.com

Address: Talofofo River, off of Route 4 Guam

  1. The Legendary Two Lovers Point

Also known as Puntan Dos Amantes. This spot named after a love story, a tragedy and a climactic moment in the history of the Chamorros.

This highest point of the cliff is referred to as Two Lovers Point because of the story of two lovers that were denied freedom of their love, as the girl was the daughter of a wealthy Spanish aristocrat and the boy was a young warrior from a modest Chamorro family. The father did not approve of their relationship and wanted his daughter to marry a Spanish captain. The daughter refused and would meet her lover at the highest point of the cliff. The father found out and sent soldiers to the point which left the lovers with no choice, so they tied their hair into a single knot, looked deeply into each other’s eyes, kissed for the final time and jumped over the long 368ft deep cliff into roaring waters which leads to the view of the Philippine Sea and Tumon Bay.

This is also where you’ll see the Heart Lock Wall where you can pledge your love and leave a long-lasting reminder of hearing the legend.

  1. The Latte of Freedom

This 80ft tall observatory deck represents the strength of the Chamorro people. It’s also the biggest latte stone in the world that symbolizes Guam’s heritage.

  1. The Food – Of course!

Have some barbeque! Lots of it! Guam is best known for their freshly grilled meats. Platefuls of grilled chicken, ribs and seafood. If that’s not the best way to live out the island life, we don’t know what is! Also try their pickled eggs, mango and papaya. Take our local atchara for example, it complements grilled and fried food quite perfectly.

For dessert, check out local bakeries for Lamai donuts, banana doughnuts aka buñelos aga, yam doughnuts aka buñelos dågu and Typhoon donuts.

Must visits: Terry’s Local Food, Proa, Ruby Tuesdays

  1. Shopping, scratch that, TAX-FREE SHOPPING!

Yes, you read that right! Guam is the place to go tax free on that spree. Imagine the savings even after those irresistible deals from the Guam Premier Outlets. The Guam Premier Outlets is the central shopping spot for known brands at outlet prices.

  1. Cultural Shows – Live a Part of History.

Have you watched Moana? How about Lilo and Stitch? We’re sure you have! Those local island dances and shows look so fun to witness firsthand and Guam’s just the place to give you that experience. From pre-Hispanic Chamorro dances to fire shows, you’re sure to capture a glimpse of the past with the local performances on the island.

  1. Water Sports

Guam’s waters are perfect for surfing, sport fishing, parasailing, scuba diving and even jet skiing, aside from just enjoying the shores as they are and getting your tan on.

That wraps up our 10 things to discover in Guam! Now, how’s that trip planning coming along?

To discover Guam the local way visit Discover Guam Tours! For everything else, check out Visit Guam PH for more information on how plan out that trip from Manila – Guam. You’re welcome.

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