Get to know EcoFlow: The Portable Power Station You Need to Power Up Your Trips


Longing for a camping trip, to go hiking or simply be by the beach and be one with nature?

It’s no secret that being outdoors is one of the best ways to recharge—and we are all in dire need of it! With all the time spent indoors the past years, we now seek to experience nature, witness breath-taking sights, and indulge ourselves with fresh air and sunshine, and now is the best time to go on that much needed escape.

Apart from the usual travel essentials, here’s one item you shouldn’t forget to supercharge your trips. A travelers best friend to make your trips convenient and worry-free — EcoFlow!

EcoFlow is a portable power station that provides clean, powerful, and sustainable power to make your outdoor travel life a lot easier. EcoFlow is lightweight and easy to carry. It is durable and resistant to water and dust, making it the perfect travel partner for any outdoor situation.

One of the latest EcoFlow lines is the RIVER series, the RIVER portable station comes with 288Wh battery capacity and can power devices up to 1800Wh with the use of X-boost technology. X-stream is the technology included in the RIVER series which allows you to recharge your devices from 0%-80% within an hour.

The recharge rate of the RIVER series is the fastest in the world and 10 times faster than most portable power stations. The RIVER series also provides several choices for charging, e.g., USB, wall outlet, car charging, and wireless charging that makes powering up your devices very accessible outdoors.

Apart from X-boost and X-stream, another interesting feature of the RIVER series is BSM (Smart Battery Management System). BSM in the RIVER series accurately measures the real-time voltage, current, and temperature to maintain the condition of the battery to work at full efficiency. Pretty cool!

One of the best things about EcoFlow that makes it stand out from other power stations is that it aims to create eco-friendly products. Solar panels made of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells is brought to the RIVER series allowing it to recharge with solar energy.

To make things even more convenient, the RIVER series comes with an easy to use application that allows you to control different functions and check the battery status of the RIVER series.

For those who need an even greater power source, there’s the more advanced RIVER Pro and RIVER Max.

The RIVER Pro comes with an extra battery that’s long lasting and is perfect for longer trips.

The RIVER Max, not only includes an extra battery, but comes up with a unique modular design that enables you to freely adjust the power and its portability during your adventures.

Now that you know how to gear up and super charge your trips, it’s time to have the best worry-free outdoor experience with EcoFlow.

About EcoFlow:

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 100 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories. EcoFlow’s mission is to reinvent the way the world accesses energy by innovating lighter-weight and longer-lasting clean, quiet, and renewable power storage solutions. If you are planning on going on a trip or doing outdoor activities but worry about the power supply, EcoFlow is your best solution.

All EcoFlow products are now officially sold via online channels and shops in the Philippines.

For More information, please visit the website.

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