G Active is fitness enthusiasts’ new favorite drink


Hello, fitness enthusiasts! First of all, we applaud you for nourishing and taking care of your body. With the daily toll that comes with work, it’s not easy to stay active and get some exercise in.

Second of all, let this serve as your reminder to stay hydrated. While you work, make sure you replenish all the sweat that you’re losing. And third, we have just the thing to help you with that: G Active.G Active is significantly gaining popularity among fitness aficionados who lead busy lives and think carefully about what they put in their bodies, because during intense workout sessions, it serves as the perfect hydration buddy.It is packed with electrolytes that you need to replenish whatever you lose as you sweat. What’s more is that it has no sugar content, (think zero calories!) and is made more fun to drink with the three flavors it comes in—Lemon Lime, Orange, and Berry.On your next trip to the gym, or even within the confines of your home, make sure to have a bottle of G Active to stay refreshed and hydrated at all times.Whether you’re running, doing yoga, hiking, spinning, you could always use the extra enthusiasm. Not only will it help you get through your workout, it’s also a refreshing drink that boosts your mood and keeps you going. Electrolyte water never tasted better!

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