Escents: Natural, Safe, Effective & Sustainable Products for You and your Home

With all the changes in the environment brought about by global warming, people have begun to shift to all things natural. We’ve become more conscious about the things we buy and the things we use, choosing to be more critical about what goes in a product. That’s why harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients are off the table.

Thus, Escents PH came to be. Choosing to address the need for all-natural products for both the body and home, Escents PH is  a forerunner in producing natural alternatives that are not only multipurpose, but also effective without the use of harmful chemicals.

Escents PH offers products for both home and your well-being. It’s a homegrown business that makes everything by hand. Each Escents PH product is made in small batches to ensure that each and every one of them is of good quality. That way, the products are guaranteed effective.
Natural, effective, safe and sustainable. Those are the four words Escents PH lives by, and want to impart though their products.
  • Natural: They make sure to use only the best ingredients, sourced locally and internationally. Wanting to pay homage to the lushness of what the country has to offer, most of the soaps use local plants, coffee and essential oils, which are natural, and do not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Safe: Because the products are made with natural ingredients, they’re good for people with sensitive skin, and even babies and elderly. The mild formulation is packed with a punch, so while it’s gentle on skin, it does the job. Some of the products can even prevent and soothe minor eczema, burns and heal acne.
  • Effective: although marketed for a specific use, Escents PH products are multipurpose, which guarantees more savings on your end. Instead of having 5 products for 5 different uses, they promise that one product can do the trick.
  • Sustainable: Escents PH doesn’t push a wide range of products onto you, instead, choosing to focus on products that you can use in more ways than one. Plus, their packaging is sustainable and reusable, which means that you can have them refilled or reuse them in other means — ensuring long-time use.
Escents is proudly local, made with natural ingredients — each handcrafted with the utmost care.
And so, here’s our 4 must-have Escents products:
1. TOILET FIZZIES: A fun and magical way to clean your toilets. For those who are lazy to get down and dirty scrubbing at your bowl, just add a spoonful or two (depending how big of a mess you’re dealing with) and let it fizz.
Once it’s done, just wipe at the remaining dirt. It’s a simple, lazy and hassle-free way to clean the toilet since it helps loosen dirt, without using any harmful chemicals.
2. EAU DE TOILET DROPS: No need to worry about the aftermath of a number two when sharing a common bathroom with friends, officemates or even strangers. yay!
The Eau de Toilet is a perfume for the toilet that’s made with highly concentrated essential oils. All you need is a drop or two to get rid of the smell. Plus, you can even use it on ashtrays and drains.
3. COCOCLEAN DISH SOAP: Helps get rid of the trickiest, nastiest grease and smell from plastic containers and dish-ware.
Made with essential oils and a proudly local coconut oil base, this zero waste soap can cut through the toughest grime and smell without the use of any harmful chemicals. You can even use it to clean dishcloths without using bleach! And don’t you worry about the dishwater left.
Since this soap is is made with natural ingredients, you can even use the wash water to water plants, clean floors, or even the car. Now, isn’t that perfect for those sporadic water shortages?
4. ALL PURPOSE SPRAY: In response to the ongoing threat of diseases, this spray is a perfect alternative to commercially-made hand sanitizers that are loaded with chemicals.
Its formulation includes natural essential oils and ingredients that prevent your hands from drying, while it does the job of sanitizing hands, deodorizing the toilet or even cleaning surfaces.
Transitioning slowly into an eco-friendly lifestyle may be tough, but little by little, we can transition to a zero-waste and healthy  lifestyle with the help of natural products.
Aside from helping the environment in your own little way, doing so can do good for you and your loved ones because you’re no longer exposed to harmful chemicals when it comes to cleaning your home, and none of the bad stuff goes into your body.
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