Crispy Curry Katsu Rice Burger | EASY RECIPE!

curry katsu rice burger

Sharing our latest obsession — Crispy #Curry #Katsu #Rice #Burger! ? Delicious, filling and soo satisfying! ✨ ?? Here’s how to make it!



  • CDO Crispy Burger
  • Japanese Curry Cubes
  • Japanese Rice
  • Sesame oil
  • Lettuce
  • Soy sauce
  • Furikake


  1. Cook Japanese Rice
  2. Prepare curry sauce: use Japanese curry cubes or powdered curry mix, set aside
  3. Fry CDO crispy burgers, set aside
  4. Make rice buns
  • Cover molder with cling wrap
  • Add cooked rice, shape and compress to form rice buns
  • Brush both sides of the patties with light soy sauce.

5. Heat pan with sesame oil

6. Over medium high heat, fry each side of the buns until crisp.


  1. Start with the bottom rice bun
  2. Add fresh lettuce
  3. Add 2 CDO Crispy Burger patties
  4. Add curry sauce
  5. Top with rice bun
  6. Sprinkle with furikake
  7. Enjoy!

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