Strawberry Overload with Aby’s Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry shortcake
From Baby Basque Cheesecakes to bigger and definitely better, in terms of serving size, celebration cakes, this bakeshop from Quezon City has given us a deliciously beautiful take on a classic, strawberry shortcake!
Aby’s Strawberry Shortcake is a new addition to their cake menu, which consists of mostly cheesecake options, but this cake will surely become a crowd favorite.
Their strawberry shortcake has four layers of vanilla chiffon with generous servings of rich vanilla cream and sliced strawberries in between. Yes, EVERY layer has sliced fresh strawberries making every bite refreshingly good.
The strawberry overload doesn’t end there. This cake also has a strawberry crown design on top AND a strawberry waterfall cascading on one side. Just WOW.
This cake literally takes the crown in terms of taste and aesthetics. It is too beautiful and delectable for words. Highly recommended for those special celebrations at home.
Aby’s Strawberry Shortcake is available in the following sizes, 7”, 9” and 11” with prices ranging from P1000-P1500 only. They also have a Strawberry Shortcake half-cake in 9 inches size with their signature strawberry waterfall design for only P700.
You can visit Aby’s in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City or order through their Facebook,  or through their Instagram account. They can deliver in Metro Manila areas or anywhere within reach of your chosen courier. 
You know what else we like from Aby’s? They only require one day lead time for orders, perfect for those sweet cravings!
What are you waiting for? Visit this online bakeshop to see their beautiful creations and believe us, you will have a hard time choosing which cake to try first.

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