Coffee Break Faves: 1L Cold Brew Coffee and Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding from The Helipad Manila


New to this game, but The Helipad Manila is known for having the best Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding with Custard Sauce. Their Chocolate Bread Pudding is light and fluffy, you can enjoy it warm or straight out of the fridge with the Custard Sauce. This combo is truly worth a try!

There’s more. The Helipad Manila’s Chocolate Banana Loaf has a following of its own. Boasting of the perfectly Moist & Flavorful banana loaf. Topped with loads of chocolate chunks, no words can express how delightful their banana loaf is.

These desserts are perfectly complimented by The Helipad Manila’s 1L Cold Brew Coffee which is “earthy but swabe.”  – as one frequent customer puts it.

Bringing a new depth to the dessert & merienda comfort food scene, you can’t go wrong with The Helipad Manila. Try it and you’ll definitely be coming back for more. Place your orders on their Facebook & Instagram!

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