Are you ready for Cheez Whiz Mild?


Our favorite childhood spread now comes in a milder and milkier version!

Grabs fresh pandesal in the morning, spreads cheez whiz in between the bread and loads it straight into the toaster! Sounds familiar? Cheese spreads have always been a staple in most Filipino households, whether it be for a quick bite during breakfast or for fun snack times as baon.

Cheez Whiz knows how important it is to make snacking fun, nutritious and inventive all at the same time that is why the brand is proud to introduce a milder and milkier way to enjoy your cheese spread: The New Cheez Whiz Mild. The inner kid in us is getting all giddy and excited!It’s made with real cheese that perfectly balances the rich tastes of milk and cheese, Cheez Whiz Mild will transport your taste buds into a world where everything is deliciously mild. The new product promises a milder and milkier cheese experience to compliment your snacking moments.

The Cheez Whiz Mild is now available at all groceries and supermarkets. Cheez Whiz Mild comes in a 220g jar for only PHP 83.00 and in 62g sachets for PHP 25.75.

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