Say ‘Annyeong’ to Bonchon Philippines’ Newest Korean BBQ Bibimbowl


Over the past years, Korean Barbecue, or more commonly referred to as KBBQ, has become ubiquitous all over the metro and beyond. The popular char-grilled meat dish is the stuff of night cravings and friendly gatherings because of the many things to love about it. And riding along that K-wave train is hit Korean joint Bonchon Philippines, who takes the notorious KBBQ and spices it up with their own twist. Say hello to the latest addition to their menu, the Korean BBQ Bibimbowl.

Packed with irresistible pork strips and an assortment of fresh, well-seasoned veggies, the Korean BBQ Bowl is a hodgepodge of bold, sweet, and spicy flavours laid atop a bed of Korean mixed rice. The pork strips, savory and smoky, are cooked just right and taken up a notch with garnishes like imported kimchi flavoured bean sprouts, sesame shitake mushrooms, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.  Meanwhile, the Korean sauce beneath all the toppings brings a tasty zest and sets off a spicy kick—the perfect finish for the delicious samgyeopsal-inspired rice bowl.

Frankly, it’s a nice diversion from the usual unlimited samgyeopsal choices. One bowl is more than enough to satisfy the hungry diners’ KBBQ cravings, conveniently.

Take it to-go or get your quick fix over lunch, either way, it can be enjoyed Ala Carte for only P105, with drink for P140, or in a boxed meal with your choice of soup, K-fries, or Banchan for P175.

Our verdict is that it’s a winner. The flavors are piquant and rich, the ingredients are not scrimped, and the price is quite affordable. It’s now available in selected Bonchon stores nationwide, so grab a bowl for a K-inspired gastronomic adventure. As they say in Korea: Daebak!


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