5 Perfect Places for Solo Travelers This 2019


 Cover photo by: Jayson T. Jacinto @bartjayson | Words by: Kyla Paler

As the new year rolls in, so does a fresh start—a chance for us all to chase after goals we weren’t able to achieve last year and create new memories worth remembering. This year, may we all be brave enough to finally do the things we’ve always wanted to do – including traveling solo to somewhere you’ve never been!

Photo by Hannah Adriano | @hannahadriano

One of the best ways to do that is with the country’s leading airline, Cebu Pacific. Not only do they offer affordable fares, they also provide world-class service to all their passengers.

For a solo traveller, it’s advisable to pack light. So take note of Cebu Pacific’s new baggage policy which provides a more efficient check-in experience at the airport:

  • For two (2) pieces of baggage, the maximum weight allowed is up to 20kg.
  • For three (3) pieces of baggage, the maximum weight allowed is up to 32kg.
  • And for four (4) pieces of baggage, the maximum weight allowed is up to 40kg.

Also remember that you can only purchase one type of baggage allowance which can now be pre-purchased along with your ticket. Oh, and you’re also allowed one (1) carry-on bag inside the cabin which should not exceed 7kg. Learn more about the baggage policy here.

We’ve done the research: for 2019, here are the top destinations that will feed the solo traveler’s soul and refresh their life.

1. Siargao

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

The teardrop-shaped island of Siargao in Surigao Del Norte boasts of pristine beaches, a lively night life, and waves perfect for any pro or beginner surfer. Travelers can literally visit Cloud 9 – not an otherworldly paradise, but a surfing hub with a long boardwalk that affords you a stunning view of the ocean and sunset beyond its horizon.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

Over the next few days, get to know Siargao’s laid-back vibe and friendly people, then head over to Siargao’s other sweet spots: the iconic Magpupungko Tidal Pools, a natural swimming hole and a fun underwater experience overall; Sugba Lagoon, a double tap-worthy adventure where you can jump into the water, go kayaking, or paddle boarding; and beach-rimmed islets like Guyam, Daku and “Naked” Island.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

2. Cebu

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

Beyond Cebu City itself, you’ll find a province that shares its name, with beautiful white sand shores and crystal clear waters glimmering under the sun.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

If you go up north, you’ll find Malaspascua Island, a haven for scuba divers because of the presence of Thresher Sharks; and Bantayan Island, a perfect destination to heal your heart and spirit.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

Go south instead to find Oslob, where you can swim with whale sharks; and Moalboal, home of the awe-inspiring underwater sardine run. You’ll need to spend a few hours in a bus to travel to these places from the city, but the bit of extra effort is so worth it.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

3. Batanes

Photo by Kyla Paler | @kylanicolex

Over the years, people who have come and gone from Batanes swore by its magic—stunning landscapes, incredible centuries-old lighthouses, cliffs overlooking huge waves, and the genuine honesty of its locals. There isn’t a safer place to travel solo to.

Photo by Kyla Paler | @kylanicolex

Photo by Harmon Blanco

The usual tours include Basco, Sabtang Island, and North and South Batan, which could all be explored in a few days. While you sit on the edge of the Vayang Rolling Hills and stare out into the ocean, all your troubles will just melt away. Because nothing can ever be as wonderful as realizing how big, how glorious, and how magnificent this world truly is. And in that moment, no problem of yours could ever be too bad!

Photo by Harmon Blanco

4. Taiwan

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

Temples, old streets, mountaintops…Taiwan pretty much covers it all. This small county is a fast-rising destination among Filipinos because of its many attractions and visa-free policy.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

The best time to visit is around September to November, where the pleasant autumn chill enhances your experience.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

Some of Taiwan’s most-visited places include Taipei 101, Yangmingshan National Park, Jiufen Village, and the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

In the evenings, dive into the varied street food scene: the selections may be unusual, but they’re surprisingly good.

Photo by Lucky Alabado | @luckyofdiscovermnl

5. South Korea

Photo by Adrian Samiro See | @adriansamiro

K-drama lovers, unite! Say annyeong to the Land of the Morning Calm and have a blast touring the city for adorable trinkets and souvenirs from your favorite series.

Photo by Louise Dizon | @louisedizon 

But if you don’t really dig K-Pop, South Korea still entrances visitors with its vibrant culture. 

Photo by Vanessa Almoguera | @vanealmogueraPhoto by Ronessa Rollorata | @ronniekiiins

Photo by Ronessa Rollorata | @ronniekiiins

But if you don’t really dig K-Pop, South Korea still entrances visitors with its vibrant culture. Make your way to Everland, N Seoul Tower, Gyeongbokgung Palace, or Nami Island.

Photo by Ronessa Rollorata | @ronniekiiins

Photo by Hannah Adriano | @hannahadrianoPhoto by Hannah Adriano | @hannahadriano

If you’re up for it, you can take the train to Busan and enjoy the scenic view. (The experience is certainly more pleasant than the movie of the same name!) Either way, South Korea holds so many attractions, we’re betting you’ll come back.

Photo by Hannah Adriano | @hannahadriano Photo by Hannah Adriano | @hannahadriano

BONUS: Singapore

Photo by Martin Co | @martinxvrco

For those who want to travel to a new city, Singapore is your best bet. The country lights up at night and dazzles visitors with attractions like the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and Singapore River Walk.

Photo by Emil Santos Jr | @limesaints

For shopping, Bugis street and Orchard Road are hubs for clothes, bags, and food haunts. And for literature lovers, Singapore’s National Library has an iconic design perfect for your IG-worthy photos.

Photo by Jace Susara | @badoodles

Photo by Marvin E. Ramirez | @marvinlh04

Photo by Marvin E. Ramirez | @marvinlh04

Small as it maybe, the country is bustling with multicultural facets fascinating enough to keep you on your toes.

Don’t forget to share your travel stories with the hashtags #CEBTravels. And to get updates on the latest seat sales, follow Cebu Pacific on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo by Adrian Samiro See | @adriansamiro

Photo by Erika O. Pereña | @thedomesticdivaph

On this brand new year, be brave and see the world in your own eyes. Traveling solo leads you on a path of discovery about yourself and the world around you. So go ahead and book those tickets. You deserve it!

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