Aida’s Black Kutsinta: The Rising Pride of Makati


Aida’s Black Kutsinta started 2 years ago when the son of Nanay Aida started to think that her mom’s cooking would probably be others’ favorite too. Nanay Aida had always had the love for cooking from simple viands, grand gathering staples to traditional Filipino food which included one of the most loved kakanin by us pinoys, the kutsinta.

Her son then taught of a more modern way to share her nanay’s specialty by adding a modern twist to it, thus making it black. And so from perfecting its taste, look, and texture, nanay Aida’s son have decided to share this beauty to everyone making one sale to another, little by little until it already started to catch the attention of many and now, nanay Aida’s name is starting to resonate around by being a product brand that delivers goodness of our traditional and favorite kakanin.

Aida’s Black Kutsinta had perfected the chewy yet soft, not so sweet yet right to the taste, and the playful yet fun texture of its toppings making the black kutsinta experience ultimately satisfying and complete.

Aida’s black kutsinta has also added yema spread in their menu early during their run due to the public’s request for a bigger size of their caramel sauce. When launched, the Yema Spread quickly gained its fame and became one of the best-selling product of Aida’s and also a must have for each order.

Then nanay Aida suggested adding yet another one of her many specialties- the Maja Blanca. Aida’s Maja Blanca also has its own take and twist from the usual Maja that we’ve known. This own take on recipe was handed to nanay Aida by her mother making it a “pamana” or heritage. Now, they also offer the cheesy version of the Maja Blanca to add more variety to choose from for their customers. Yum!

For almost 3 years now, these kakanin had been a must in most “meryenda hits” in the offices, a staple for celebrations and even as a part of surprises for loved ones. Aida’s black kutsinta had been continuing to deliver the goodness and a taste of home from their family to yours.

Try the original black kutsinta from Aida’s! You can order through their Facebook & Instagram pages!

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