6 Reasons To Try Wanakanimaki’s Sushi Bake!


Wanakanimaki definitely sounds like it piques someone’s curiosity when you first hear it or in this case, read it. It all started with a family’s desire to offer something tasty and exciting!

As for the brand name, “Wana” is from the name of one of the crafty hands from the wanakanimaki team, and as you might have guessed, Kani Maki, or crab stick roll, is the main star of this concoction!
So, let’s round up 6 Reasons To Try Wanakanimaki’s Sushi Bake!

  1. Appetizing at first sight

The sight of a Wanakanimaki tray makes you excited to indulge and explore whats in it! A blanket of their very own kani mayo and mango sushi sauceall made from scratch, is what you will first see!

2. Satisfying at first bite

Starting from opening the lid, you’ll be welcomed with a hefty amount of freshly baked, well-cooked sushi! Making you feel a jolt of excitement to try that first bite.

3. Exceptional down to the last bite

Once you’ve had a bite, you’ll end up wanting for more. From scooping, to wrapping a bite of Wanakanimaki in nori sheets, you’ll find yourself in a harmony of different flavors. Each premium ingredient has a vital role and a single bite packs a punch! You might even want a side of extra rice to balance out the richness.

4. Baked with perfection kept in mind

The family behind Wanakanimaki always bakes with premium ingredients to make sure nothing is ever compromised. It’s as if the baked sushi is always made while thinking it will be served to their own families, making it jam-packed. Adjustments were also made while maintaining respect to the culture behind the kani maki, to be better enjoyed by Filipinos of all ages.

5. Service you will surely like

When Wanakanimaki arrives at your table, the packaging comes with instructions as to how it should be enjoyed in its full glory. Even if you find yourself ordering more than you can eat, they even provided reheating instructions for you to be able to enjoy the same great taste! This is all made possible with providing customer satisfaction to the best extent they can give.

6. Best enjoyed with great people in your life

Whether with family, friends, or the one you love, good company is best paired with good food, and of course, Wanakanimaki is the way to go if you want to have a new experience with the best people in your life.

If you have yet to try Wanakanimaki and reading this made you feel hungry, just head on to their Facebook or Instagram account and place your order. A single serving of about 500g is recommended for 2-3 persons.

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