3 Things You Should Know Before You Book Your Next Hotel via Booking.com



Before we even touch foot on one of the pristine islands we visit, a lot of planning and consideration is made from every detail. From the gear we use, our tours, to the hotel or resort we will be staying at. We get asked by a lot of readers what tips we go by when we book our hotel accommodations. Here are 3 insider tips we have been longing to share with you:

1. Perfect Timing

There is a significant price difference if you book your hotel accommodation near your actual stay date. Not only are room types limited, but you are also faced with less options and rooms at surge pricing. To avoid shelling out more than you should pay try to book your stay at least 2-3 months before your travel dates.

2. Book without a credit card

One of the great things about booking with Booking.com is that you have the option to simply reserve a room and pay at the hotel, or pay the actual amount online. Pro-Tip: If you use a credit card to pay online, you can avail of many credit card deals such as 0% installment or deferred payment if you simply ring your bank!

 3. Book via ShopBack

Now this is a tip we were waiting to share! The next time you book on Booking.com go through ShopBack! ShopBack is a Cashback site that gives Cashback or rebates for online purchases. Over this weekend, October 6-11, 2017 ShopBack is giving even more Cashback for Booking.com, a steal of 9% Increased Cashback from their usual 6%.

So before you head on to book your next trip on Booking.com this weekend, don’t forget to visit  ShopBack to get that Cashback, back!

Sign up to ShopBack for free at www.shopback.ph/discovermnl to Earn Cashback from your next travel adventures! TRAVEL ON!

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