This Video About Moving On Will Give You All The Feels


Stuck in a circle of confusion? Struggling to find yourself? In the process of healing? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Nowadays, we get caught up with so much work, stress and heartache that it gets a little too much to handle. It’s moments like these that make us want to push the pause button on life and lock ourselves up in our rooms. Left alone with the silence, you may find yourself questioning your purpose, your life and your path. That is until you decide to stop, to get up and to live a life beyond your comfort zone – discovering new places and facets of yourself that you’ve never known. Traveling with friends always has been and always will be fun – but when on a journey of self-realization and discovery, sometimes going solo is best. Take this time to explore the places you’ve always wanted to, to move on your own schedule, to mingle with locals and to immerse yourself in a different culture.

It may be daunting at first, but slowly – you will find yourself coming out of your shell. Doing things you’d never thought you were capable of doing and more. This is, of course, the theme for Traveloka’s latest Get up and Live video which has already resonated with thousands of viewers.  So, are you ready to discover a braver and stronger version of yourself soon? We know we are ready to see you get up and live!

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