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We just found the perfect match for all you on-the-go professionals and regular travelers!

Where the traveler goes, so does the music. Do you agree?

As a constant companion in every trip, whether with family, friends, or alone, listening to music is an inescapable part of every journey. For those who frequent airports, metro stations, and waiting lounges, it is pretty handy to have your trusted pair of headphones to keep you occupied during travel periods and long layovers. Passing time becomes more worthwhile with Sony’s industry-leading noise-cancelling MDR-1000X wireless headphones, a travel essential for jetsetters and go-getters.

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Filter the noise and listen to music without the distractions with the MDR-1000X


Optimized and Responsive Noise-Cancellation

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It’s noise-canceling beyond compare. For moments that need to be undisturbed—catching up on e-mails, finishing up a presentation, or simply casual web-surfing and video-watching, the 1000X provides a locked in audio experience. The Personal NC Optimizer analyzes individual characteristics and wearing style to optimize and tailor the sound to the user. High-sensitivity drivers carefully filter unwanted noise to avoid distractions. The headphones have you covered when the need to drown out noise of busy terminals and unruly passengers arises.


Revolutionary SENSE ENGINETM    technology and Quick Attention Mode

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World in. World out. Easily stay immersed and aware of your surroundings with just a simple touch. Be able to attend to a conversation and catch important announcements while still having music play in the background. Just place one hand over the housing of the headphone to promptly lower the music volume for Quick Attention Mode. Ambient Sound mode lets you listen to music intently but keeping essential environment sounds like traffic and important announcements audible. For travelers and professionals who are constantly on-the-go, this feature fits well into their lifestyle.


High-Quality Wireless Audio and Hi-Resolution Audio compatible

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Elevate personal listening with authentic, superior-sounding audio. The MDR-1000X is equipped with LDAC that performs better than conventional Bluetooth, allowing listeners to experience outstanding audio quality. Hear music that stays true to the original recording, as the artist intended with the 1000X’s Hi-Resolution Audio capability. Enjoy music at an exceptional standard to accompany a growing cosmopolitan lifestyle.


These wireless headphones are available in two colors: cream and black.


Get them at a special 10% discount price of Php 17,999 from its original price of Php 19,999. Sony’s Summer Vibe 2017 promo runs from March 24 – June 18, 2017.


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