TheJeepneyStop: A Local Shopping Hub That Gives Back When You Shop!


We already know that Christmas will be different this year. Our regular Christmas traditions like Simbang Gabi, family reunions and Christmas parties will have to be done online. For some of us, Christmas will mean less parties and get-togethers. However, for others who have lost their jobs during this pandemic; it could mean that their families would not even be able to enjoy a simple Noche Buena meal.

Noche Buena is undoubtedly one of the staples of a Filipino Christmas. It is when families get together to feast and celebrate over queso de bola, ham, fruit salad, spaghetti and other Noche Buena favorites. That is why, this Christmas season, friends Katt Uy and Amica Avena decided to initiate a fundraiser called Jeepney Stop.

Katt and Amica are old friends who have always wanted to start a fundraising initiative together. This year has not been easy for any of us, and with the large number of people who are now unemployed they thought it was fitting to start an initiative that would help bring joy during these difficult times.

Jeepney Stop was inspired by all the hardworking jeepney drivers who have lost their jobs during this pandemic. When things were “normal”, people would rely on jeepney drivers to get them from one point to another. Now that a lot of modes of public transportation have been suspended, jeepney drivers are struggling to provide for their families.

The aim is to provide 80 jeepney drivers and their families Noche Buena packages. To achieve this, Jeepney Stop has partnered with local businesses to create a one-stop-shop to make Christmas shopping easier and more local! Aside from helping unemployed jeepney drivers, you would also be able to support small local businesses who have also experienced difficulties during this pandemic.

From October 1, 2020 to December 20, 2020 you will be able to buy your Christmas gifts (for others or yourself!) on the Jeepney Stop website. 10% of each partner merchant’s total revenue from the Jeepney Stop website will help fund the Noche Buena packages for the jeepney drivers and their families.

The past year may have made it hard for us to celebrate this holiday season, but this does not mean that we can’t give others a chance to celebrate this Christmas. If you can, help us support local businesses and provide jeepney drivers and their families with Noche Buena this Christmas.

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