Sustainability in Action – Levi’s® Philippines partners with Basically Borrowed PH in an effort to support Sustainability in the Apparel Industry


Like the classic pair of jeans, Levi’s® continues to evolve – exerting unparalleled efforts to innovate and evolve, adhering to the ever-changing times. Part of Levi’s® evolution is to progress towards sustainability. Levi’s® builds towards challenging and diffusing the concept of common “fast-fashion” by using sustainable raw materials, applying sustainable practices in production, and production of clothes that are built to last, with styles that endure,

With this, Levi’s® Philippines has partnered up with Basically Borrowed – an online community dedicated to sustainability through fashion, bringing something exciting to their patrons and even those who are new to the brand.

Levi’s , in partnership with Basically Borrowed, encourages people to make purchases that are timeless and made to last, meant to be worn, and remain with them for a long time.

Who is Basically Borrowed? They call their group The Fashion Circle, whose main goal is to be one with those who stand for sustainability, by not contributing to the problem. They are a group of body-positive women of all sizes and ages, founded by Jessie Jiang.

Jessie is the founder of Basically Borrowed, a Manila-based company that aims to mainstream sustainable fashion.

“Upcycling is a crucial component to fashion sustainability, as it reduces textile waste, pollution, and carbon emissions associated with manufacturing. It’s also a necessary antidote to the throw-away culture that has been dominating fashion for way too long.

We (Levi’s ) share a deep sense of responsibility to educate consumers and inspire more sustainable fashion choices, and we are both using our platforms to create positive change.”

– Jessie Jiang, Basically Borrowed Find and join their groups here and here.

Levi’s® Philippines’ partnership with Basically Borrowed was executed through a Swap Party and an Upcycling Seminar.

The Swap Party was held last February 26, 2022, hosted by Jessie Jiang, had the blanket theme being Denim. ICYMI, you may see what went down here.


Members of the group were able to swap their pre-loved denim items with other Basically Borrowed members. During the party, each participant was asked to show the denim items they want to swap. After each participant has finished their haul of 3-7 items, the moderator then shares a Levi’s® item, along with its history. The process was repeated until all the participants had swapped all of their items. A total of 12 participants and 22 pairs of jeans were swapped during the event.

The best thing about this is that the items that were not be swapped returned to Levi’s® and will be used as upcycling fabric for an upcycling webinar. Check out what happened in the webinar hosted by Rio Estuar or Riotaso Clothing here.

Be part of a revolution towards sustainability and evolution through your own little way. Shopping sustainably through thrifting, intentionally acquiring pieces that are made and built to last, and getting into customizing/altering items in your closet.




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