These Kids are Surfing Their Way To School!

Now that you have that #Siargao trip all planned out, have you thought about doing something greatly significant for the community?

Education isn’t as easily accessible as it should be in our country, all the more in smaller islands and provinces. This is just one of the many issues that The Sun Crew is addressing.

The Sun Crew is based on Siargao Island in the Philippines. They work to alleviate poverty and build brighter futures for the local children.
HOW? They do this by providing free surf lessons and board use in exchange for children attending school and participating in their education, sustainability and skills programs. The aim is to ensure the children have the skills and opportunities to overcome poverty and play a key role in protecting their island and local communities. Good job, guys!
They have projects such as weekly beach clean ups, surf lessons and up-cycling programs where the children happily takes part of. The programs are designed to teach the children about the importance of protecting the island and to give them skills and opportunities that will help alleviate poverty and improve their futures prospects.
The Sun Crew is looking into getting more resources for these kids. So why not serve as a tool for these kids to learn while you ride the amazing waves of Cloud 9? Drop by, participate, help and spark a brighter future for the Children of Siargao.
Hit them up if you want to contribute to their advocacy or share the good news.
Know more about them:
Instagram: @thesuncrew
Facebook: @thesuncrew

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