Stay Cool: Kuya J Launches New Halo-Halo Flavors


Slow days, sweltering heat, and our palates craving something refreshing and sweet—that’s how the typical Filipino summer goes. And every summer for us is not complete without enjoying a glass full of halo-halo with our family and friends.

This year’s summer is off to a cool start as Kuya J launched its “Mga Bagong Bida ng Summer”: the Cheesy Ube Espesyal Halo-Halo and Creamy Coco Brown Sugar Halo-Halo at their Eastwood branch.

Other celebrity guests such as Jameson Blake, Kira Balinger, Sunshine Cruz, and Nikko Natividad were in attendance as well and joined in on the fun. All guests, dressed in their summer’s best, were encouraged to bring along a loved one, as Kuya J’s new summer treats are best shared with the people you love.

Now, thanks to Kuya J, we’ve got two new halo-halo flavors to beat this scorching heat with. Upgrade your halo-halo experience with the Cheesy Ube Espesyal Halo-Halo. This treat offers a sweet-salty combo of our milky-smooth ube cream infused with saba slices, nata de coco, langka, and crunchy cornflakes—all topped with homemade leche flan and cheese.

But if you prefer the creaminess of coco, try the Creamy Coco Brown Sugar Halo-Halo. While it has the standard ingredients of halo-halo (saba slices, nata de coco, langka, and leche flan), this new treat is unlike any other halo-halo. It has Kuya J’s signature coconut ice mix and brown sugar blend, which gives it a thick consistency that almost resembles a creamy milkshake. Wherever you are this summer, make sure to stop by any Kuya J restaurant to get these cool summer treats. Both are available in solo and regular-sized servings.

Too hot to go out? No problem! You can get the Cheesy Ube Espesyal Halo-Halo via, GrabFood, and Foodpanda. This flavor is also available for dine-in and takeout.

If you’re particularly craving the milky-smooth feel and taste of Creamy Coco Brown Sugar Halo-Halo, this treat is only available for dine-in and takeout. So, if you’re going to the restaurant, make the most of your trip—dig into Kuya J’s savory classics and end your meal on a sweet note with the creamy coco halo-halo.

Kuya J’s new halo-halo flavors will surely keep you coming back for more. The only question now is: with whom would you like to share these halo-halo? Tell us about it on our socials. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@KuyaJResto) and TikTok (@kuyajrestoph).

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