Spoonfull Manila’s Salmon Miso: A Sweet, Salty & Savory Take on Sushi Bake!


The sushi bake craze has no doubt taken over the internet — and of course, our bellies too! Baked with their own unique twist, the Salmon Miso Sushi Bake by Spoonfull Manila has easily become a crowd favorite and here’s why.

The dish boasts of its delicate miso-based sauce, an unconventional way of preparing the famous creamy dish that we’ve all come to love. The Salmon Miso Sushi Bake contains generous salmon chunks and kani that’s thoroughly combined in a homemade special sauce. Miso has often been described as having a “taste of mom’s cooking” because of its hearty umami flavor. It brings out a distinct sweet, mildly salty, and strong savory taste — adding more complexity and richness to this recipe. This is definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something more quirky and adventurous! Did we mention that it’s also topped with cream cheese, green onions, and crispy salmon skin? ​Yum!

And for all the cheese lovers out there, Spoonfull Manila also offers their reimagined Cheesy California variant. Believe us when we tell you that there’s more to its cheese mix; you’ll have to taste it to find out! You may also request to enjoy it spicy for that smoky kick.

Grab a spoonful (or more) by visiting their Facebook page or Instagram @spoonfull.mnl for the full menu. You can also place your orders through tinyurl.com/spoonfullmanila. We wouldn’t want to leave you craving!

Spoonfull Manila‘s Cheesy California Sushi Bake sells for PHP 850.00 while the Salmon Miso Sushi Bake is PHP 950.00 per tray.

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