#ShopLocal: What To Expect in Metro Fiesta 2020? An Online Fiesta!


While so much has changed due to our present situation —- from the way we travel, to the way we shop, the MSMEs of the National Capital Region remain adaptive! This flexibility will be on full display as the country welcomes a digital movement of the much-awaited #MetroFiestaOnlineFair!

For the first time since 2017, NCR’s regional trade fair is going online at MetroFiestaOnlineFair.Linker.Store from December 2-6, 2020.

This year’s Metro Fiesta, as with the others before it, will focus on the best products the regions have to offer. This includes the footwear of Marikina, seafood products of Navotas, and the duck eggs of Pateros among all other exciting local products. The Metro Fiesta offers the opportunity to learn more about what the regions have in store, all in the comfort & safety of our homes.

The Metro Fiesta is a component and the culmination of the OTOP NextGen Program of the DTI in the National Capital Region.

Get ready, here are some of the things you can find:

  1. Mango Chews from B&C Healthy Snack Food Inc.

Made from real mangoes, this chewy snack is  all-natural, healthy and quite addicting!

  1. Calamansi Concentrate from Capellan’s Deli Food Products

This Calamansi concentrate is made with wild honey from Palawan.

  1. SeaKid Crispy Dilis from Philippine Sea Wealth Food Inc.

Done in teriyaki style, this crispy fried anchovy is a great snack and appetizer!

  1. Oh So Healthy! Fruit Crisps from Innovative Packaging Industry Corporation

Available in guava, purple yam, mango, kimchi and banana. It’s not only so healthy, it’s also so fun to eat!

  1. Farmony Corn Pops from Villa Socorro Farms

Comes in wasabi shoyu flavor, this gives your classic crunchy corn snack a surprisingly good kick!

  1. North Bay Sauteed Bagoong from Kai Anya Foods Int’l Corp.

A flavorful shrimp paste from the seafood capital of Metro Manila, Navotas! Comes in sweet & spicy!

  1. Lemon Garlic Sardines from Guztazo

Sardines in lemon garlic oil, anyone? Yes, please!

  1. Roasted Chilli from Germano’s Chili

A world’s best. Nothing could be hotter than that.

  1. Aroma Tablea from Blessed Harvest

All-natural, no preservatives and made from 100% cacao from Davao.

  1. Mama Sita’s Oyster Sauce from Marigold Manufacturing

A classic in every household.

  1. Berry Gluta from Business Innovation Gateway

Made with acai, vitamin c, rose petal extract and mixed berries!

And of course, more than just food, the Metropolis has also some pretty notable local products. Here are some of them:

  1. Ely-Knows Enterprise

Quality shoes & bags made in Marikina.

2. Lipi Enterprise

Celebrating the best of Philippine fiber craft traditions in textile weaving, hand embroidery, beading and other forms of embellishing. They’re also live on www.gawangpilipino.com

3.Moonlight Enterprise

Metro Fiesta’s bag made by Franco Raneses from Valenzuela. So beautiful!

Check out #MetroFiestaOnlineFair and #MetroFiesta2020 for more information and updates on this exciting online fiesta!

#BeABUYani #SupportLocal #BuyLocal #EatLocal!

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