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In a world of crowded coffee-shops and non-work friendly areas, Savoy Hotel Manila creates a space with a balance of relaxation, productivity, good food, sunsets and an area for creativity.

Being across NAIA Terminal 3, it’s quite given that you’ll witness the therapeutic view of airplanes taking off and landing on the runway paired up with the iconic Manila sunset colors.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when life takes over and drowns you with stressors, but fear not as we just discovered the perfect place for you to stay on top of your work but also putting your body and mind at ease.

Here are our top 5 favorite features of Savoy Hotel Manila:

  1. The 180-degree runway view

Lounge in your room while watching planes take off, sans the noise, while you sip your hot cup of tea. Sounds just about right. The runway view of Savoy Hotel Manila’s hotel rooms are a photographer’s and instagrammer’s dream, and we think that makes the most of us. Capture scenic views right in the comfort of your bedroom while you do what you need to do. Trust us, it makes working way way easier.

  1. The Squares

We can’t stress how much we love this area! The squares is an interactive common area for hotel guests to go for snacks, play games, watch movies and tv shows, round up tables to catch up or well, if you really need to, work! With fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection, an abundance of power sockets and comfortable tables and chairs, you’re sure to be at your best work state when in this area.

It’s available in every two floors of the hotel so you don’t have to go far. It’s accessible and available for you anytime during your stay. Pair the experience with a fresh cup of coffee and some pastries too. Perfection.

  1. The poolside

Being in the middle of Pasay city, the pool side of a hotel might not be top of mind, but Savoy Manila Hotel’s pool side is just the right mix of fresh, lush and contemporary that will make you feel reconnected with nature amidst the city scene.

  1. The food selection

The have Japanese Breakfast and it’s available all day! Grilled salmon, Japanese rice, miso soup in the morning and late at night? Yes, please! This is just one of the highlights of the food menu of Savoy’s Café. They offer breakfast till dinner buffet, yes until dinner. That showcases Asian flavors from Indian, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian food choices to the classic Filipino and American favorites. You’re sure to find a favorite anytime of the day. Put the diet aside first, Savoy’s food is too good to miss.

  1. The hotel car

More than the adorable guard dog that will welcome you prior to the warm staff of the hotel is the service car. You won’t miss it. It’s a Mini Cooper. Yes, you can ride this Mini anywhere around the city when you need to, it comes with a driver too, plus if you need to get dropped off at the airport, they make sure they do it with style. Savoy Hotel Manila x Mini Cooper style.

There’s more to experience in Savoy but it’s not enough for words to share. Come experience your space and discover how one hotel can change the way you work and play.


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